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Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

Roll Call of Bedfordshire Land Girls
Jean Elizabeth Scotchford

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Name Scotchford, Jean Elizabeth
Date of birth 30 April 1928
Born Mortlake, London
Joined WLA 26 March 1946
Left WLA 30 November 1950
WLA No. 165513
Trained Ravensden
Employed Employed by Beds War Ag at Cople House Hostel and privately by Mr M.E. Tookey, Moat Farm, Greenfield and Village Farm, Odell.
(Billeted in Horsefair Lane.)
Married name Sharp
Further information Former cashier, aged 17. Enrolled from Twickenham, Middlesex. Started work on 6 April 1946. Transferred to Bedfordshire 4 May 1946. Gained a proficiency certificate in Milking and Dairy Work at Hopes Farm, Thurleigh, July 1947. Cycled there from Odell on her gearless WLA bike. Was allowed a paid holiday at the WLA Rest Break House, LLandudno. Stayed on the land when WLA disbanded. Sister Rosemary Minnie Scotchford also joined the WLA. Did general farm work.
One of the land girls who represented Bedfordshire at the final stand down parade at Buckingham Palace, London, 21 October 1950. See Bedfordshire Times, 25 October 1950, p6.  They spent the night before sleeping in the deep shelter in Clapham and then on to the Wellington Barracks where they learned how to march.  "We were so proud to be part of the parade up the Mall. It was a very moving moment marching behind the army band."
Jean Scotchford
Jean Scotchford

Jean Scotchford (second left) with Joyce Hulatt, German POWs and Mr Skevington Lodge MP for North Bedfordshire.


Stuart Antrobus Historian/Author

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