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Victorian Super Sleuth Trail for Children

Places > Bedford > Victorian Super Sleuth Trail for Children
Find out about Victorian Bedford

Imagine that you are back in the 19th century when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Bedford was a very different place then. Many of the streets, shops and buildings would have been unrecognisable.

Bedford Modern School 1891 print

Britannia Iron Works 1891 print

High Street c.1890s

The Embankment c.1900

Your task
is to discover some fascinating facts about Bedford.

Where would you like to start?

  • Quiz 1
    How did the streets of Bedford get their names?

  • Quiz 2
    Can you track down who lived in De Parys Avenue, Bedford in 1898?

  • Quiz 3
    How much do you know about the buildings and bridges in Bedford?

  • Quiz 4
    What could a Victorian shopper buy in Tavistock Street, Bedford in 1898?


What would you like to do next?

John Bull & Co., 49,  High Street, Bedford print

Answers to the quizzes

Page last updated: 22nd January 2014