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Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

Land Girl Memoirs: A booklist

Bedfordshire Women's Land Army Home

Below is a  list of Land Girl memoirs recalling personal experiences of land girls from across the country. 
If you would like to enjoy these reminiscences then you can request them from your local library using the inter-library loan system.
For general histories of the Women's Land Army click here.

Author Year Title Publisher Notes ISBN/Ref
ABBOTT, Dorothea (1984) Librarian In The Land Army Stratford upon Avon:
Greenhill Books
Warwickshire experience 0950939609
(WLA No.906)
& Bee
(WLA No.1223)
(1993) Graips and Gumboots: Memories Of The Women's Land Army Dunbartonshire:
Perthshire & Stirlingshire: Scottish experience B9478219
BAGNOLD, Audrey (2009) When Grandma Wore Breeches Chalford:
Amberley Publishing
Surrey, Lancashire and Cheshire experiences 9781848682351
BARRAUD, Enid Mary (1946) Set My Hand Upon the Plough Worcester:
Cambridgeshire experience -based on diary  
BATES, Martha (Edited & compiled: Bonney, Anne) (2001) Snagging Turnips, And Scaling Muck: The Women's Land Army In Westmoreland Kendal:
Westmorland experience 0953183696
BENTINCK, Michael (Ed) (1998) War Time Women Cambridge:
M. Bentinck
Various counties 0952615754
COLE, Pauline (2001) Transition To Arcady: A Story Of Two Years Spent In The Women's Land Army - '47 to '49 Ilfracombe:
Arthur H. Stockwell
Post-war experience in Kent (1947-49) 0722333412
COOPER, Nancy (2007) Down to Earth: Memories of a young woman joining the Women's Land Army in 1943 Studley: Brewin Books Warwickshire experience 978185858527
COWLEY, Violet (1985) Over My Shoulder Ilfracombe:
Arthur H.Stockwell
West Sussex & North Buckinghamshire experience 0722319630
DEAN, Marjorie M (1995) The Women's Land Army And Me Edinburgh:
Pentland Press
Devon experience 1858213118
DIETT, Eve (2006) Here Come The Land Girls Peterborough:
Blackie & Co
Worcestershire experience 1904986234
DUGGAN-REES, Josephine (2000) Corduroy Days: a Portrait Of Life In The Women's Land Army Bognor Regis:
Woodfield Publishing
Sussex 9781873203489
EDWARDS, Elaine M (Editor) 2010 Scotlands Land Girls: Breeches, Bombers and Backaches Edinburgh: National Museums Scotland Scottish experience 9781905267323
ENTWISTLE, Mary (1990) Land Army Girl Leamington Spa:
Warwickshire 0951609033
FOX, Pat (2010) Bless Em All: Life in the Womens Land Army at Lubenham, Leicestershire Wymeswold, Loughborough: Heart of Albion (on behalf of Market Harborough Historical Society) Leicestershire 9780955768613
FOY,Ellis (1999) Peaceful Wartime Edinburgh:
Pentland Press
Warwickshire 1858217008
GEERE, Marjorie (1987) (1998) Reminiscences of a Land Girl in WithamLandgirls: Links with Essex Witham, Essex:
Albert Poulter
Essex experience
 [Revised Version]
9780951210604 0951210602
GRAY, Affleck (Editor: Robertson, U) (1998) Timber!: Memories Of Life In The Scottish Women's Timber Corps 1942 - 46 East Linto:
Tuckwell Press
Experiences of 'lumber jills' in the Timber Corps in Scotland 1862320306
GRAYSON, Peggy (1994) Buttercup Jill Ipswich:
Farming Press
Somerset experience 0852362706
GRIMWOOD, Irene (2000) Land Girls At The Old Rectory Ipswich:
Old Pond Publishing
Suffolk experience 1903366003
HAINES, Mary (1995) Odd Chapter: Diary Of A Land Girl M. Haines Suffolk experience  
HALL, Anne (1993) Land Girl: Her Story of Six Years In The Women's Land Army, 1940-46 Bradford upon Avon:
Ex Libris Press
Herefordshire, Hampshire & Wiltshire experiences 0948578343
HARDIE, Melissa (Ed) (2006) Digging For Memories The Women's Land Army in Cornwall Penzance:
Hypatia Trust
Cornwall experience 1872229646
IDDON, Jean H (1947) Fragrant Earth: An autobiography of a land girl London:
Epworth Press
Yorkshire experience  
JEFFERIES, Marion (2015) Yorkshire Women at War: Story of the Women's Land Arm Pen & Sword Yorkshire hostel experiences (through the eyes of Winifred Jacob-Smith, a WLA official) 9787473849099
JOHNS, Elise (1998) Dappled Sunlight: A Land Girl's Story Ilfracombe:
Arthur H Stockwell
Devon experience 0722332033
JOSEPH, Shirley (1946) If Their Mothers Only Knew: An Unofficial Account Of Life In The Women's Land Army London:
Faber & Faber
Oxfordshire experience  
JOYCE, Knighton (1994) Land Army Days: Cinderellas of the Soil Bolton:
Aurora Publishing
Anthology of experiences across England & Wales 1859260322
KELSEY, Marion (1997)   (2006) Victory Harvest: Diary Of A Canadian In The Women's Land Army 1940 1944 Montreal, Canada:
McGill-Queen's University Press  
Experience of Canadian woman on British farms as a land girl 0773516638   0773531564
KNAPPETT, Rachel (1946)
Pullet On The Midden London:
Michael Joseph
Chivers [Large Print]
South Lancashire experience British Museum Catalogue   0859972186
KURTA, Sonia (2007) Charismatic Cows And Beefcake Bulls Ipswich:
Old Pond Publishing
Cornwall experience 9781905523764
MANT, Joan (1994)   (1995)(2009)

All Muck, No Medals: Landgirls by landgirls
All Muck, Now Medals

Land Girls: Women's Voices from the Wartime Farm
Book Club Oxford:
Isis Publishing Chalford:
Amberley Publishing
Stroud: Amberley Publishing
Anthology of experience throughout UK 0863329624

MIST, Ellen (1992) Aw-Arrh!: Experiences In The Women's Land Army Penzance:
United Writers Publications
Cornwall experience 1852000430
MITCHELL, [Maud] Micky' (2007) A Country War: Memoirs Of A Land Girl Wellington, Somerset:
East Devon experience 9781841146508
MORGAN, Gwenda (2002) The Diary Of A Land Girl, 1939 -1945 Risbury, Herts:
Whittington Press
South Downs experience in Sussex 1854280651
PETERS, Pat (2009) Land Girls Gang Up Ipswich:
Old Pond Publishing
Cornwall experience 9781905523955
RATTRAY, Veronica (2009) My Land Girl Years, 1939 - 1948 London:
Athena Press
Pennines experience in Lancashire 9781847485267
SNELLING, Joan (2004) A Land Girl's War Ipswich:
Old Pond Publishing
Norfolk experience 1903366674
STRANGE, Doreen (1999) A Land Girl's Diary: Burnham 1948 Maidenhead:
Burnham Historians
South Buckinghamshire 0951985957
TILLET, Iris (1988)  (2009) The Cinderella Army: The Women's Land Army In Norfolk Dumfries:
Iris Tillett London:
Michael Joseph
Norfolk experience, as county secretary (WLA middle management) 095135230X
TURNER, Norah (1992) In Baggy Brown Breeches And A Cowboy Hat: An Eastender's Wartime Life As A Land Girl in Kent Rainham, Kent:
Meresborough Books
Kent experience 0948193654
(Various members of the Women's Timber Corps) (c1945)   (1997 reprint) Meet The Members: A Record Of The Timber Corps Of The Women's Land Army Bristol :
Bennett Brothers London:
Imperial War Museum
Experience  of WTC training camps, sawmills and the forests of England and Wales British Museum Catalogue
WARD, John A (2000) Beetroot for Breakfast: tales from the Land Girls of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Nottingham: John A Ward
47 Duke Street
Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire experiences 9781907516054
WELLS, Irene (1984) My Life In The Land Army: Work And Play With The WLA Alcester, Warwickshire:
I.E. Williams
Warwickshire experience 0951006703
WHITTON, Barbara (1944) Green Hands London:
Faber & Faber
Scottish experience  
WILDING, Frances (1972) Land Girl At Large: A Wartime Chronicle London:
Paul Eleck
Norfolk experience 0236176935
WILLIAMS, Mavis (1994) Lumber Jill: Her Story Of Four Years In The Women's Timber Corps, 1942 - 45 Bradford upon Avon:
Ex Libris Press
Herefordshire, then Cornwall experience 0948578602


Stuart Antrobus Historian/Author

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