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Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

Roll Call of Bedfordshire Land Girls
Audrey Genevieve Lancaster

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Name Lancaster, Audrey Genevieve
Date of birth 8 March 1927
Place at enrolment Clapham [born Stockwell, London]
Joined WLA 1 April 1946
Left WLA 9 April 1949
WLA No. 164624
Trained Ravensden
Employed Employed by Beds. War Ag. at Clifton hostel.
Married name Paget
Further information Former telephonist in Stockwell, London; later worked for Neonami Photos in 1942. Joined WLA aged 18. Transferred to Bedfordshire. Employed in general farm work then as a Forewoman driver for Beds War Ag. Left WLA due to anaemia deficiency. After a period of convalescence in Ashton Wold House, Northamptonshire, she later worked as a Housekeeper for a vicar and his wife. Married William Paget. Died 20 March 2019. For numerous photos of and more details of her Land Girl experience see:


Stuart Antrobus Historian/Author

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