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South Pole Expeditions
Scott and Amundsen

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AntarcticaOn 17th January 1912, the British Antarctic Expedition led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole. The expedition led by the Norwegian Captain Roald Amundsen had reached it on 14th December 1911.

Below are some key web sites and Virtual Library online resources on the British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 led by Scott until his death in 1912 and Amundsen's 1910-12 Expedition, where you can easily find overviews, photographs, diary entries and biographies

There is a useful introduction to the two expeditions, Different approaches to Antarctic exploration, by Sian Flynn, on theBBC History web site

Scott's 1910-13 Expedition

Scott - photographs

Scott - biography

Diaries of Scott and of other expedition members

  • Final entries - Scott's diary entries from 17th January 1911 to his final entry on 29th March 1912 are at Doomed expedition to the South Pole 1912 on
  • Entries from 1910 onwards - many journal entries are at Race for the pole. See the Site Map for links to individual entries
  • Final entries as originally reported - see the column on the right of this page for original published extracts of Scott's diary in The Times newspaper
  • Full published book - you can read or download free the full published version of the book "Scott's last expedition ..." at Internet Archive. Volume I gives his journals while volume II gives the reports by Wilson and surviving members of the expedition. Volume I is also available at
  • Manuscript - you can view digitised extracts of the original diary, using 'Turning the pages' software, at British Library's Virtual Books

Scott - original newspaper reports

  • The Times - Log in to the Times Digital Archive with your library number and PIN (see log in notes below) to read the newspaper reports of Scott's expedition, including extracts from his diary
  • At the Times Digital Archive, enter the search term scott diary and limit your search to between 11th February 1913 and 13th February 1913 to see reports of Scott's last days and lengthy final extracts from his diary
  • or for more Times newspaper reports, do a second search. Enter the search term scott expedition, and limit your search to between 1st January 1910 and 31st December 1913 (or later)
  • The result headed 'Index (Index)' in The Times of 11th February 1913 reports the news that the death of Scott and his party had been discovered
  • Various newspapers - the web site Race for the pole republishes newspaper articles from around the world. See the Site Map for links to individual entries

Amundsen's 1910-12 Expedition

 Amundsen - photographs

Amundsen - biography

Amundsen's journal and book

Amundsen - original reports in The Times newspaper

  • Log in to the Times Digital Archive with your library number and PIN (see log in notes below) to read online the 1912 newspaper reports of Amundsen's arrival at the South Pole, including an extract from his own journal describing the last stage of his journey
  • The news reports appeared in newspapers of March 1912, as Amundsen's news was not known until then, when he reached Hobart, Tasmania and sent a telegram to the King of Norway
  • At the Times Digital Archive, enter the search term Amundsen, and limit your search to between 1st March 1912 and 31st March 1912
  • You'll see several news items about Amundsen's arrival at the Pole, his return to Hobart and the reactions to his news in Norway and Britain. The item that reproduces Amundsen's journal extract is the one dated 11th March 1912 headed 'Captain Amundsen's success'

Log in notes for the Times Digital Archive

Page last updated: 29th August 2019