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Follow the links above to see the range of history related artefact packs available.  Simply email or phone us at sls@bedford.gov.uk , 01234 228755, to book the packs you want.  Don't forget to tell us which half term you would like them delivered for.
Once we receive your request we will confirm availability of your chosen packs and then send you an invoice once we have delivered.

*costumes also available

Anglo Saxons


Anglo Saxon Artefact

Includes a cooking pot; Staffordshire Hoard Set with a selection of replica items based on the finding of original items found in 2009;  Set of 5 double sided coins featuring King Alfred, an early London Mint mark and Anlaf Guthrisson amongst others. The Anglo Saxons used runes in religion for casting spells.  These 16 examples are burnt onto wooden tablets.  Children can decorate their own urns and drawings with this set of 5 wooden replica pot stamps. Price 10.00



Aztec ArtefactAztecs Time Capsule

Uncover Aztec artefacts to reveal much about this lost culture.  Pack includes large pre-Hispanic pottery mask, pottery printing stamp, a ceramic sun stone, traditional bark paper, pottery ocarina and a pestle and mortar and grinding stone.  Pack includes teachers notes.
Price 15.00




Ancient EgyptAncient Egypt

This pack gives an introduction into what can be found out about Ancient Egypt from what has survived.  Includes scribe's writing set, papyrus, Egyptian necklace, heiroglyph poster and replica models of Ushabti, Bast, Anubis and teachers notes.
Price 15.00




Ancient Greece ArtefactRemains of Ancient Greece Capsule

Who were the Ancient Greeks and how do we use their ideas today?  Use this pack as a starting point to introduce this topic to your class.  Includes theatrical masks, coins, spinning top, wax writing tablet and teachers notes.
Price 10.00





Roman Archaeological SetRoman Archaeological Set

Become real archaeologists and turn your classroom into a historical dig!  Contains mosaic tile pieces, mortarium pieces, roman coins, knicklebones, a roman torc and much more!
Price 15.00



Roman Settlers ArtefactRoman Settler's Capsule

Why did the Romans invade and settle in Britain?  The artefacts in this pack give an insight into the time when they held influence over most of Britain.  Includes writing tablet, coins, oil lamp, strigil, bangle, toy horse and teachers notes.
Price 10.00



Roman SoldierRoman Soldier

Artefact includes a Roman Soldier's helmet and sandals.
Price 10.00




Seaside ArtefactA collection of historical artefacts which can be found at the seaside.  The pack includes Punch and Judy puppets, tin bucket, wooden spade, parasol and a penny lick.
Price 20.00





Plague ArtefactPlague Time Capsule

A collection of items to explore the Great Plague of 1665. Includes: Hat and Mask, Bell, Stone Pot and Charles II Coin set.
Price 15.00




Great Fire of LondonGreat Fire of London

Explore the Great Fire of London with this set of artefacts including: black leather helmet, visual scene of the great fire, a tripod cooking pot, masks of Samuel Pepys, Charles II and Christopher Wren.  Also includes a jigsaw and postcards depicting the event. Price 20.00




Tudor Toys Artefact

Tudor Toys

This set of Tudor toys includes lenten rattle, hobby horse, 3 streamers on a stick, egg mill, 5 stones and a stump doll.
Price 10.00




Picture of toys of the pastToys of the Past Pack

This pack includes some of the toys our grandparents and great grandparents played with; two flick books, Jacob's ladder, pop-gun, pecking chickens, pull spinner and a man falling down a ladder plus notes.
Price 10.00





WWII Toys Pack

This pack includes a wooden aeroplane, wooden boat and tank, a target shooting range, cotton reel tank, clompers, blow football, dressing doll and a handkerchief parachute.
Price 10.00




Tudor Toys ArtefactTudor Toys

This set of Tudor toys includes lenten rattle, hobby horse, 3 streamers on a stick, egg mill, 5 stones, stump doll and a children's games Bruegel poster.
Price 10.00




Victorian Childhood ArtefactVictorian Childhood

What was it like for a child living in Victorian Britain?  Includes writing set, cup and ball, top and whip, swing toy, yoyo, skipping rope, diablo, gird and cleek and teachers notes.
Price 20.00



Picture of Victorian classroom artefactsVictorian Classroom Pack

This pack of artefacts enables children to take part in a Victorian lesson.  Pack includes slates, pencils, pens,  ink wells, copy books,  reading booklets, resource folder, finger stocks, backboard and teachers notes.
Price 20.00




Victorian HomeVictorian Home

Explore a victorian home with this set of artefacts which includes: a kettle, storage tins, picture sorting activity, wooden laundry tongs, 2 wooden butter pats, wooden spoon and rolling pin.   Price 20.00



VikingsExperience life as a Viking with this range of artefacts.  Pack includes a Viking lamp, set of 2 double sided coins, Thor's hammer, Viking Thor mask and Viking's longboat.
Price 20.00





Picture of air raid artefactsAir Raid Shelter Artefact Pack

Experience what life was life in the shelters.  This pack includes items that a typical family may have kept in their shelter, including a hurricane lamp, chamber pot, tins of non perishable food, spare clothing, playing cards, personal documentation and newspaper headline on the Battle of Britain.
Price 20.00




Picture of artefacts in evacuee suitcaseEvacuee's Suitcase of Belongings

A evocative trove of belongings to shine a light on the trials and tribulations of the time.  Selected with role play, enquiry (and fascination!) in mind.  Contents include suitcase, evacuee's label, ration book, identity card, coins, letters, gas mask, marbles and yoyo.
Price 20.00



Home Front

Find out more about what life was like on the Home Front with this selection of artefacts which includes: a selection of posters, gas mask, ration pack of different food items and child of war memoribilia pack. Price 20.00



WWII ToysToys Pack

This pack includes a wooden aeroplane, wooden boat and tank, a target shooting range, cotton reel tank, clompers, blow football, dressing doll and a handkerchief parachute.
Price 10.00



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