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We offer you a variety of advice and support sessions. These aim to help you develop and improve your school library.

If you would like a service not listed below, please contact our helpline on 01234 228755 or email us at

Book Buy
We can arrange a visit to our supplier where we will help you to choose and purchase both fiction and non-fiction books. A minimum of £2,000 to spend on books is needed for this full day visit.
1 full day (2 half day sessions)  

Book Classification
We will check that your non-fiction is classified both accurately and consistently.
1 or more half day sessions depending upon the size of the library.

Book Editing
Do your books need a good weed? Is it difficult to find the time? Then let us do it for you.
We can even arrange for the removal of the books for recycling.
1 or more half day sessions depending upon the size of the library

Care and Repair
This is a practical session for teachers, non-teaching staff and volunteers, which will pass on skills to help you maintain your library books and systems.  It includes books care Ė how to process, clean, cover and mend your books, plus advice in stationery and equipment.
1 half day session

General Tidy
If your library is looking a bit untidy or the books are out of order and you donít have time to sort it out we can come and do it for you.  Let us deal with your muddle so that your library works well for the children.
1 half day session.

Library Audit
An in-depth assessment of all aspects of library provision, including stock, access and documentation. We will produce a detailed report which will help you develop your library and highlight your stock's strengths and weaknesses.
2 half day sessions, one of which will be used to compile the report

Library Layout
Are you considering a new library, a major refurbishment or minor facelift? We can provide advice on library layout, shelving, furniture and signage.
1 half day session

Library Skills
An interactive session to introduce basic library skills and care of books. This session is delivered directly to children.
1 half day session

Colour coding and spine labelling books is very time consuming.  Why not let us do it for you?  We will process any new books you have or perhaps your whole library needs redoing.  Either send your books into the Centre or, if you prefer, we will come and work in your school.
1 or more half day sessions depending on the size of your library.

Stock Gaps
We will assess the range of books in your library and produce a report which highlights the areas of weakness in your book stock.
1 half day session

Stock Take
If you donít have time to do your own stock take we will do it for you.  All we need is access to your library and stock record and weíll do the rest.
1 or more half day sessions depending on the size of the library.

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