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Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

Roll Call of Bedfordshire Land Girls
Sylvia 'Bunnie' Joan Bunnett

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Name Bunnett, Sylvia 'Bunnie' Joan
Date of birth 21 September 1929
Place at enrolment Edmonton, London
Joined WLA 12 March 1947
Left WLA 16 July 1948
WLA No. 180033
Trained Toddington Park Hostel
Employed Employed by Beds. War. Ag. at the Aspley Guise Hostel.
Married name Cox
Further information Formerly a waitress.  Joined aged 17 and a half. Her sister Gladys also joined the WLA at the same time but was later discharged because of a heart condition.
Reminiscences From Edmonton, north London, who managed to join the Women's Land Army six months before the minimum 17 years on entry, with her elder sister, Gladys. She trained at Toddington Park hostel before moving to The Holt in 1946, where she became friends with Frances Guttridge. She later married a local man, Jim Cox.
The Land Girls frequented "The Anchor", a pub just off the square in Aspley Guise.  Couples kissed goodnight behind the cedar tree by the drive to the hostel.


Stuart Antrobus Historian/Author

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