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Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

"We wouldn't have missed it for the world"
by Stuart Antrobus

Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

Published in October 2008 by Book Castle Publishing, England.

Large format paperback, 304 pages, well illustrated and fully indexed.

ISBN 978-1-903747-93-3   800 gms.

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"We wouldn't have missed it for the world" by Stuart Antrobus"We wouldn't have missed it for the world" by Stuart Antrobus


"...a fascinating and comprehensive survey"
Alistair Brewin, Local History Magazine

" inspirational read"
Sarah Hampton, Discover Bedfordshire magazine

"definitive alphabetical list of girls... will be of great value to family historians"
Rural History Today

" essential reference work for anyone interested in women's war work or the home front in Bedfordshire in WWII"
Bedfordshire Historical Record Society blog

"...a marvellously detailed evocation of the Land Girls...a rich and absorbing story"
Juliet Gardiner, author of Wartime: Britain 1939-45

"...His enjoyment of the subject is delightfully infectious"
Sue Brickay, Bedfordshire on Sunday newspaper

"...first-rate piece of research...a valuable addition to the history of WW2 in Bedfordshire"
Dr. Vernon William, Professor of History, Texas U.S.A.

"... an important contribution [to Women's Land Army history]"
Dr Gill Clarke, University of Southampton, author of 'The Women's Land Army: a portrait'

"This book is a model of how near-contemporary history should be researched, written and published."
Richard Wildman, author of "Britain in Old Photographs: Bedford" and numerous other local history books.
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Recommended reading - History Today (December 2008 p. 59)
"... fills in the details of the Land Girl's life in one English county."

Stuart Antrobus Historian/Author

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