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Good Afternoon, Down Memory Lane and Potton Library Club

The aim of Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Down Memory Lane is:

  • To promote library services and reading and literature in the widest sense
  • To offer an activity which is open to all but will appeal particularly to people who are available in the day time To inform people of a range of learning opportunities
  • To encourage people to be active citizens

Good Afternoon is held at the following Libraries:

Down Memory Lane is held in:

Potton Library Club is held in:

Good Morning
Potton Library

All meetings start at 10.30. Tickets are £1.00, which includes refreshement. Please purchase tickets in advance as numbers are limited.

If you have any queries please contact the library on 0300 300 8063

Good Afternoon
Flitwick Library

All meetings start at 2.30pm

A charge of £1.50 is made to cover the cost of speakers' expenses and refreshments. We acknowledge the support given to Good Afternoon by Flitwick Town Council.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the Library on 0300 300 8057

Wednesday 5th December
The Life and Times of a Retired Bedfordshire Policeman

Ian Dedman joins us to share his fabulous stories.

Wednesday 6th February
The Two Museums at Bletchley Park

The Bletchley Park Trust and the National Museum of Computing - Nick Hill talks about how the strategic messages of German High Command and the enigma messages were broken, which lead to the development of the world's first programmable electronic computer - Colossus.

Wednesday 6th March
A Walk on Atlantis

A visit to Tenerife, probing behind the hot sunshine, sandy beaches and the souvenir shops to discover ancient mysteries, walk across the volcano, find the beautiful local crafts and find out why this island could be linked to the legendary Atlantis. Look into the crafts of the Oratavo Valley; whale watch from a catamaran; ponder over the pyramids of Guimar; find out why Christopher Columbus visited La Gomera before launching out for America. David Squibb joins us to entertain and enthuse.

Wednesday 3rd April
Gardens Through the Centuries

The variety of English gardens now open to the public is wonderful. Come along with the Bedford National Trust to trace the development of garden design over several centuries and marvel at the gorgeous photographic examples of some well-known gardens, and others which may be a surprise.

Wednesday 6th November
My Mother-in-Law's Service at Buckingham Palace

Janet Stow's mother-in-law worked in Buckingham Palace since she was 11 years old, Janet will be discussing what it was like as well as her own knowledge on the subject.

Good Afternoon
Stotfold Library

Good Afternoon meets every first Wednesday of the month at 2:30. A social club where you meet, chat and share memories together over a cup of tea and biscuit.
A charge of £1.00 is made to cover speaker's expenses and refreshments.

If you need transport to get to the library contact the library staff as numbers for the minibus are limited.

Talk to the library for the programme.

Down Memory Lane
Bedford Central Library

A friendly get together to share memories over a biscuit. 

Held monthly in the meeting room on the last Friday of the month between 11.30 and 12.30. Tickets are £1.00.

Friday 30th November
Voting Quiz

Get involved with this fun quiz.

Friday 14th December
Christmas Fun and Games

Get into the festive spirit with these Christmas themed games and activities.

Page last updated: 29th November 2018