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Electoral Registers

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  • Old postcards and a magnifying glass on textYou can search electoral registers online at some commercial web sites.
    Note that current online registers and past online registers later than 2002 are the 'edited registers', which do not include individuals who have chosen to 'opt out' of that version of the registers
  • Prices and search options differ from site to site so it is advisable to read all the details carefully to find the option that suits you best.
    For example, there may be a price per search or a price for unlimited searches for a set period of time; there may be pay-as-you-go options or subscriptions for a period of time; you may have to buy 'credits' and use up a certain number of credits for each search
  • A number of commercial sites are listed in the Finding People section of WebLinks.
    Please note that mention of commercial web sites is given for information only and does not imply endorsement. There are many such web sites and one needs to read all terms and conditions carefully before choosing to pay for any service

In the Library

You may wish to browse printed registers but please note that printed registers list people by address so you cannot simply look someone up on an alphabetical list of names. The registers are divided into wards, then each ward shows the electors street by street.

The full version of each current register is available for inspection at Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Council Offices. It is advisable to contact the council office before you visit.
Bedford Borough - Contact them at
Central Bedfordshire - Complete the online form at

Bedford Borough Libraries

Bedford Central Library has edited registers on microfilm for 2002 - 2016 for Bedford Borough and earlier unedited registers for Bedford Borough and Mid Bedfordshire.

Central Bedfordshire Libraries

Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard libraries have the edited registers on microfilm for 2002 - 2016 for the former South Bedfordshire and pre-2002 unedited registers.

Page last updated: 28th May 2020