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World War II
Notes from the Newspapers
Civil Defence

World War II

About fire bombs
Readers are warned not to attempt the extinction of a fire bomb by overturning a bucket of sand on it...the best plan is to keep the sand, not in buckets but in sandbags or improvised extinguish the bomb dump it on a sandbag more than half full." (Bedfordshire Times, 31st January, 1941)

Sand to fight fires - Every house in Bedford to have two bags
"A clarification of the position regarding sandbags in Bedford was given to the Bedfordshire Times and Standard reporter by Inspector L.B. Loveridge Chief A.R.P. Officer for the Borough on Tuesday.  He said that two bags of sand were being distributed to each house and that the idea was one of the bags should be kept in the porch and the other taken indoors.  The distribution of the bags of sand is in pursuance of the A.R.P. Department's policy of giving every possible help in connection with the campaign against incendiary bombs..." (Bedfordshire Times, 14th February 1941)

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