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First World War Timeline
July to September 1915

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Based on local newspaper research in the Bedfordshire Times and Independent.
[Notes in square brackets have been added by the compiler to clarify, where needed, and to set the local event in a national context.]
Compiled by local historian Stuart Antrobus.

2 July 1915

P9 (Cols 1-5)
3 photos and report: 'Bedford Volunteers Training Corps' First Inspection'.

9 July 1915

P9 (Col 5)
'Football Wanted for The Front: E.M. Smith, Headquarters Staff, 1/1st Beds. Yeomanry at the front writes: "I'm on the cadge for the boys at Headquarters. We want a football and can't buy or steal one in this neighbourhood. Have any of our local clubs got one to spare? If so, please ask them to send it along as we badly want something to do in the evenings and cricket is absolutely impossible."

16 July 1915

P4 (Cols 1-7)
'Bedfordshire Agricultural Society: The 114th Exhibition at Bromham: On Thursday the enterprising farmers of Bedfordshire succeeded in holding the annual show of stock, and with considerable success considering the adverse circumstances of the time and the weather. This was the year for the show to come to Bedford, but the usual grounds being in military occupation, Bromham Park was chosen for the venue... and an excellent choice it was.'
P6 (Cols 4-5)
'War Meeting at the Town Hall, July 20, at Eight o'clock: Mrs Pankhurst will speak on "Patriotism and Recruiting"... Collection in aid of the Blinded Soldiers Fund. Admission Free... .Buy and read the "Suffragette" War Paper.1d [penny]' [Emmiline Pankhurst was a political activist and leader of the Suffragette movement, aiming to achieve parliamentary votes for women. Suffrage activism was suspended during the war, to support the government's stand against the 'German peril'].

23 July 1915

P4 (Col 7)
'Notes of the Week: Bedford has not long been left in doubt as to the new troops she would have to entertain... it was a Welsh Division which began to move into the town on Tuesday afternoon [20 July 1915]...
In another week we shall be close on the anniversary of the declaration of war... There were not many who a year ago thought we would be fighting as we are today... we believe that no German attack can succeed anywhere along the line from Belgium to Switzerland... We are bound to win this war. We will fight to the end... We know that we are fighting [words of Bonor Law MP] "for our national existence, for the moral forces of humanity, for the respect for public law and for the right of public justice, which are the cornerstones of civilizations".'

30 July 1915

P9 (Cols1-3)
'Bedford Grammar School: The Speech Day:... Review of the Year (The headmaster)... It was a glorious record that 1400 of their boys [Old Bedfordians] were known to be serving their country. There were 70 Old Bedfordians who had laid down their lives. One in every 56 of the officers killed in the war was an Old Bedfordian'.

6 August 1915

P5 (Cols 3-4)
Photo: 'The 3rd Monmouths' – shows the 3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment marching to their quarters in Queen's Park, preceded by their band.

13 August 1915

P5 (Cols 2-4)
Photos of the presentation of a Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) to Sergeant Ledsham of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers at a ceremony on the Grammar School field [Report on p6 Col 2].

20 August 1915

P5 (Cols 2-3)
Photo showing interior or a metal workshop: 'Young Munition Workers: A number of boys of the Bedford Grammar School are devoting a portion of their holidays to the making of ammunition.'

27 August 1915

P5 (Cols 3-4)
Photo 'The Boy Scouts Egg Week': Bedfordshire boy scouts collected 2,537 eggs for wounded soldiers at the Military Hospital, Bedford, this week'.

3 September 1915

P5 (Cols 4-5)
Wedding photo 'A Unique Guard of Honour' show a lieutenant from the Royal Army Medical Corps and his bride, walking under an archway of ambulance stretchers at Elstow Church.

10 September 1915

P5 (Cols 1-2)
Notice: 'The 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment: 999 Recruits required by battalion... who are sending Drafts overseas to the ... Glorious 1/5 Fighting in Gallipoli: Of their County for their Country'.

17 September 1915

P7 (Cols 1-2)
Notice: 'Grand Recruiting Rally: Saturday October 2, 1915: Fill Up The Gaps In The Ranks: Great Procession: Mass Meeting & Demonstration in Russell Park: They Want Men Badly: Back Up the Brave Bedfords'.

24 September 1915

P12 (Col 2)
'Women's War Service: In the intervals of making mosquito nets and other things for the troops, the ladies of the War Work Party at the Corn Exchange has for the past month been engaged on making garments for the little Belgian children who have lost their parents... and placed in school colonies of 120 children in the charge of Catholic sisters in France'.

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