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First World War Timeline
January to March 1918

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Based on local newspaper research in the Bedfordshire Times and Independent.
[Notes in square brackets have been added by the compiler to clarify, where needed, and to set the local event in a national context.]
Compiled by local historian Stuart Antrobus.

4 January 1918

[Reduced size format of newspaper until further notice]
P4 (Col 7)
'Meat And Margarine: Bedford will be short of beef this week end, and the Food Control Committee and the butchers are anxious that townspeople should understand that the shortage is through no fault of the butchers, and it has no reference to the price fixed by the committee... shortage of beasts for slaughtering... Sufficient supplies of margarine are at hand for Bedford to have the prescribed ration... the present distribution arrangements are not ideal but ...they have killed the queues.'
P5 (Col 5)
'Protest Against Onion Order: ...Bedford Farmers Union... strong protest against... proposed Order fixing the price of onions...'

11 January 1918

P5 (Cols 4-5)
Funeral photo 'Funeral of an O.B.M.: Killed Whilst Flying: old Bedford Modern School boy, Sec. Lieut. W.M. Denham... only returned to his flying station on New Year's Day, having spent his Christmas leave at home. On Thursday morning he was making his first flight, accompanied by a pilot, when, at a height of 2,000 feet, the machine nosedived and crashed to earth.'

18 January 1918

P6 (Col 1)
'War Pensions Committee: A meeting of the Bedford War Pensions Committee... Arrangements had been made so that insane discharged men should be treated in asylums as service patients and not as paupers.'

25 January 1918

P5 (Col 5)
'Women And The War: we are all hoping that this year will see the close of the War, but it is not ended yet. Some of our brave English Women may not yet have found their billets as War Workers. Others may be only now released from family claims and feel free to help their country. We would refer all such who seek after war work to our advertisement columns.'

1 February 1918

P4 (Cols 5-6)
'Advertisement by Dudeney and Johnston Ltd., 34 High St: 'Community Cooking: Good Food At Low Cost: Served from Hot Plate... [Daily menus for forthcoming week listed] Basins. Jugs and other receptacles must be brought by purchasers...'

8 February 1918

P1 (Col 1)
'Domestic Servants Wanted: All servants can hear of good situations at Mrs Smith's Domestic Agency, 45 Bromham Road. No booking fee.'

15 February 1918

P5 (Col 3)
'Correspondence: The Price of Milk: To the Editor: Sir, The price of milk as fixed by the Local Committee acts somewhat unfairly upon those with large families. The 1d per quart for delivery allows the retailer a handsome profit on his labour. Thus the housewife taking for her children three pints per day, pays 10 1/2d per week for the same time of service as her neighbour who only requires for herself and her husband one pint per day, paying 3¼ d per week for delivery...'

22 February 1918

P4 (Cols 4-5)
Home and Colonial grocers advertisement: 'Tea, Butter and Margarine Ration Cards are now being distributed by the Local Offices. Please remember that the Food Controller says: "Customers are urged to take their cards to the Shopkeeper with whom they usually deal".'

1 March 1918

P6 (Col 1)
'Business Men's appeal for £100,000: Bedford to buy a Submarine: The Government's proposal for a Business Men's Week between the 4th and 9th March for the purpose of selling throughout the country £100,000,000 of War Bonds and War Savings Certificates... Bedford Trade Protection Society... adopted a plan to raise £100,000, such an amount to be expended on a submarine... an opportunity to help put a good finish on the war.'

8 March 1918

P5 (Cols 3-4) Notice:
'Business Men's Week Ends To-morrow, March 9, By Thursday night £82,880.15s. 6d had been subscribed for Bedford's £100,000 Submarine. Your help is urgently needed... Bedford Central War savings Committee.'

15 March 1918

P5 (Cols 3-5)
Photos: 'Field Marshall Lord French Visits Bedford.'Report on P6 (Col 1).
P6 (Col 2)
'Bedford Corporation Purchases River Side Property: Another step was taken towards acquiring for the town the river frontage between the two bridges on the south side... a direct continuation of the river side frontage [at] St Mary's Garden... [for] £4,300.'

22 March 1918

P4 (Cols 6-7)
Advertisement by Dudeney & Johnston Ltd 'No Meat coupons required for Luncheons served in The Oak Room, at the Dujon Restaurant... entirely renovated and redecorated. To meet the new situation created by the Meat Rationing scheme, we propose, as an experiment to provide... from Monday next, March 25th, A Light, Inexpensive Midday Meal for which no coupons will be required. It will consist of wholesome, well-cooked and well-served food... for an inclusive charge of 1/- [shilling]. For households without servants, business and office workers and others to whom home catering is difficult in present circumstances.'

29 March 1918

P4 (Col 5)
Advertisement: 'First Visit To This Town of Bailey's Great American Circus and Wild West Arena, Kimbolton Road, Easter Monday 1 April.'

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