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First World War Timeline
April to June 1918

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Based on local newspaper research in the Bedfordshire Times and Independent.
[Notes in square brackets have been added by the compiler to clarify, where needed, and to set the local event in a national context.]
Compiled by local historian Stuart Antrobus.

5 April 1918

P5 (Col 3)
'Proposed County Museum: At the ordinary meeting of the Bedford Natural History and Archaeological Society held on Wednesday evening, at Bedford General Library, Dr. S. J. Ross (President) stated that the Bedford Corporation had lately acquired land and buildings [The Malting] on the banks of the river, and a long-awaited opportunity now presented itself of obtaining a public museum for Bedford.'

12 April 1918

P4 (Cols 6-7)
Advertisement & notice from Dudeney & Johnston: 'Bacon: Extracts from Ministry of Food Instructions: Every holder of a Meat Card wishing to use it for buying bacon (including ham) must register it with the shopkeeper from whom he wishes to buy... .In order to ensure a supply after May 5, however, the card must be registered as once or as soon as it is received.'

12 April 1918

P6 (Cols3-4)
Photo of the Dujon Restaurant 'Oak Room' interior: 'For Meals Without Coupons'.

19 April 1918

P6 (Col 3)
'School Boys Labour For Beds Farmers: ...meeting... of the War Agricultural Committee... a representative of the National Service Ministry. To consider a scheme for the school boy labour on the farms... Older men were now to be taken [an additional 20,000 had been released into military service] and labour was not available to take their places. They wanted boys for casual labour... Boys were not engaged for less than three weeks in summer and two weeks in spring... masters would superintend the camping.'

26 April 1918

P6 (Col 1)
'Queen's Park Pig Club:... 20 original members [clubbed together] for the purpose of purchasing, breeding, feeding and fattening pigs with the avowed object of providing every member of the Club with a side of bacon... in the fall of the year... a goodly store of pork against the days of austerity.'

3 May 1918

P7(Col 2)
Advertisement by Army Boot Repairing Co.: 'A Wonderful Offer of 5,000 Pairs of Army Repaired Boots... 8[shillings]/5d. post free. Worth double the money. Sizes from 6 – 10... 34 Artillery Lane, London, E1.'

10 May 1918

P4 (Cols 6-7)
Recruitment notice: '5th (R) Bn. Bedfordshire Regt.: Wanted – Drummer Boys, Age 15 ½ to 17 Years, to enlist. For the duration of the War, Pay 8d a day, Full Rations, Clothes, Etc. Boys will be taught to play an instrument, and their Education will be continued.'
P7 (Cols 1-2)
Advertisement, with line drawing of soldier bandaging his hand: 'Our Soldiers Want More Zam-Buk, to heal their cuts, bad feet and trench sores... Don't let your soldier lad go without Zam-Buk.'

17 May 1918

P1 (Col 7)
Notice: 'Women To The Rescue! : Women's Land Army. A demonstration will be held in Bedford on Saturday the 25th of May. There will be a Procession of Women Farm Workers, preceded by a Band, and speeches in connection with the Recruiting Rally will be given by the Lord Lieutenant, The Rt. Hon. R.E. Prothero, MVO, MP, F. Kellaway, MP... Recruits are most urgently needed! Apply for all particulars at the office, 4 St Paul's Square, Bedford.'
P6 (Cols 6-7)
'Workers' Education Association: First Annual Meeting: ...Saturday afternoon... in the Modern School Hall... formed the branch in April 1917... 20 affiliated societies and 216 members... public lectures on Reconstruction... a study class provided an opportunity for more intensive study [of] 'The Industrial Situation after the War'... The Council expressed their thanks to Bedford Co-operative Society and the Governors of the Harpur Trust for granting the use of their rooms for meetings.'

24 May 1918

P4 (Col 4)
'Waste Paper Collection: In view of the great National Need of Paper, Householders are begged to put aside all Waste Paper found during Spring Cleaning – Newspapers, Torn Letters and Bills, Books and Magazines, Brown Paper, Wall Paper and Waste Paper... Profits go to Bedford charities... Bedford Waste Paper Collection.'
P4. (Cols 5-6)
Recruitment notice, with line drawing of female farm worker: 'Womens' Land Army: Women of Britain! The Nation's Food Supply depends on You!...If British Women will answer the Call of the Land...
A Demonstration... Saturday 25 May... Procession leaves Park Gates at 2 o'clock. Speeches in St Paul's Square.'

31 May 1918

P5 (Cols 4-6)
Photo: 'Recruiting For The Women's Land Army' The speakers' platform near the Girls Modern School, St Paul's Square.

7 June 1918

P7 (Cols 1-2)
Advertisement: 'Register for Tea at Liptons. Supplies guaranteed.'
P7 (Cols 5-6)
Recruitment notice & cut-out form: 'The supreme test of British womanhood comes now! The British Army Urgently Requires 5000 Women Clerks. You will be trained free and paid during training and you enrol for the duration of the war in Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps.'

14 June 1918

P6 (Col 4)
'The Appeals Of Older Men: Bedford Tribunal And The Volunteers: The appeals of the men of the new military age [from 17 to 51 years] are now coming before the Tribunals... The Chairman [announced that] only under very exceptional circumstances ... would exempt applicants form the Volunteer condition.'

21 June 1918

P4 (Cols 6-7)
Appeal on behalf of Bedford War Savings Committee 'National War Bonds and War Savings Certificates: Bedford's Great Effort. Our aims – your aims: £79,691 required to complete £500,000 – Bedford's subscription for 6 months ending June 29th. Ten Days More! We can do it – YES'

28 June 1918

P5 (Cols 2-6)
'The King and Queen in Bedford: His Majesty King George V and Queen Mary paid their long-expected visit to the Borough, on Thursday 27 June.' Visits to W.H. Allen's engineering works, the Girls' High School and Bedford School and a civic reception.

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