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County Gaol

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GAOLERThomas Howard
Salary, none.
Fees, Debtors, Felons 0: 17: 4
Tranfports, If only one 6: if two 5 each: all above two, 4 each.
Licence, for Beer.

Allowance, Debtors, two quartern-loaves a week each.
Felons, two halfpeck-loaves a week each.
Garnifh, Debtors, 0: 5 : 0

Number of Debtors Felons &c.
1773 5-10 6-9
1776,Feb 12, 8 5

CHAPLAIN, Rev. Mr. Llyod
Duty Sunday and Thursday
Salary, 20

SURGEON, Mr. Gadfby.
Salary, 12 for the Gaol and Bridewell

In this Prifon there is a day-room for Debtors, whish is ufed as a Chapel, and three or four lodging rooms: for Felons, two day-rooms, one for men, the other for women, without fire places: two dungeons, down eleven fteps, and often very damp.  The ftraw, for which the County allows the Gaoler 5 a year, is not on the floors, but on the frames or bedfteads.  On application, the Juftices allow in winter coals both to Felons and Debtors.  The court-yard is common to both, and fmall.  No apartments for the Gaoler.

CLAUSES of the Act againft Spirituous Liquors are not hung up.  When I was Sheriff, I was culpably ignorant of that Act.  No Infirmary.  About twenty years ago the Gaol-Fever was in this Prifon: fome died there, and many in the town; among whom was Mr. Daniel the Surgeon, who attended the Prifoners.  His Succeffor, Mr. Gadfby, judicioufly changed the medicines from Sudorifics (generally ufed before) to Bark and Cordials: and a Sail-Ventilator being foon after put up, the Gaol has been free from the Fever almoft ever fince.

FEES on a printed paper, figned by the late Gaoler, as follows:

ALL Perfons that come to this place, either by warrant, commitment, or verbally; muft pay before difcharg'd, fifteen shillings and four pence, to the Gaoler, and two fhillings to the Turnkey.


CONSISTS of three rooms on the ground-floor : no fire-place: a fmall court-yard: no water acceffible to the Prifoners - Keeper's Salary 30: No Fees.

1776,  Feb 13, Prifoners 3

Extract from: John Howard, State of the Prisons in England and Wales, 1777

Page last updated: 22nd January 2014