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Aspley Guise
The Normans

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The first mention of Aspley occured in 969 when 15 hides of land were granted to Alfwold by King Edgar. At the time of Edward the Confessor the land was held by Leveva for Earl Waltheof. By 1086 and the Domesday Survey it was in the possession of Hugh de Beauchamp. At this time Acard de Ivri was the tenent in Aspley Guise.

The survey listed 25 families, divided as follows:-

  • Villains (Small holdings of the lord of the manor) - 16
  • Bordars (cottagers who paid their rent either in service or produce with an allotment) - 4
  • Serfs (practically slaves) - 5

With other possesions of Hugh de Beauchamp Aspley formed part of the barony of Bedford until the beginning of the 16th century


  • The story of Aspley Guise by Joan Christodoulou
  • Victoria County Histories : Bedfordshire

Page last updated: 21st January 2014