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e-magazine Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the magazines?

An account must be created initially - a Zinio Account so that you can read and manage your magazine library.

  • Firstly log in on the Virtual Library then follow the link e-magazines from Zinio
  • Click 'Create New Account'
  • Fill out form and Click 'Create New Accout'
  • To checkout a magazine to your Zinio account, simply click on the magazine of your choice.
  • Click 'Checkout'
  • Click 'Start Reading'
  • Fill out form with your details
  • Click 'Register'
  • Click the magazine again to start reading.

Now you are registered you can download an app that allows you to read your selected titles but remember to add new ones for free you will have to go through the library website.

How do I read my magazines?

You can read them online or you can download them and read them offline using the 'Zinio for Libraries' app.

Is there a Zinio App?

Yes there is for all devices - just look for 'Zinio for Libraries' in your app store to download or there are links on the Zinio webpage to download the apps.
If you want to access Zinio commercial content as well then you can still use the previous Zinio app.

How do I know that a new issue of my chosen magazine is available?

You can choose to receive an e-mail when a new issue is available for you or just check the Library Collection page on the Zinio website.

Can I see back issues?

Yes, but only from the start of our subscription and for the length of our subscription.  So issues from April onwards will be available to view, as long as we still subscribe to the service.

Why have I been asked to pay for a magazine?

When you are in the commercial Zinio app or your Zinio Reading List you are within the commercial Zinio site, this means that if you use the Explore option you will see whole range of magazines that they sell.  To get the free library magazines you have should click on the Return to Library Collection tab and use the Zinio for Libraries app.

There are more FAQs on the e-magazine site plus a instructional video, plus you can download the User Guide (pdf 1mb) here.

Page last updated: 4th March 2016