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WiFi Hotspots in Bedfordshire Libraries

WiFi at Potton Library WiFi at Potton Library
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We offer free access to WiFi in nearly all the libraries in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

Where are the WiFi libraries?

Click on the library name below to see their address, opening hours and contact details.

How do I use the Library WiFi?

In Bedford Borough Libraries

If you have WiFi enabled device of your own, you can access the Internet - all you have to do is log on with your library card number and PIN. Not a member?  Click here to join online.

There is an additional WiFi hotspot at Bromham Library which is provided by a partnership between Barclays and BT - an initial simple registration is required per device and you are connected! If you are having problems accessing the WiFi please contact BT on 0800 022 3322 or email them at

In Central Bedfordshire Libraries

To access the Wifi in Central Bedfordshire Libraries select the hotspot name and then enter your name and e-mail address. Once you have connected in one library you should automatically connect in all the libraries.

Is there a time limit?

No - library members have unlimited connection to the WiFi.
If you use the Guest log in in Bedford Borough you will be entitled to 60 minutes only.
The WiFi at Bromham Library does not have a time limit.

Is there a download limit?

No, library members have unlimited downloads.
If you use the Guest log in you will have a download limit of 500MB.
The WiFi at Bromham Library does not have a download limit.

What should I do if I have a technical problem?

There should not be any problems.  However, if you do experience any difficulties talk to a member of staff.

So turn up, switch on, connect and have a go!

Page last updated: 17th January 2019