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John Bunyan Collections

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  • The Bedfordshire Heritage Library houses two John Bunyan collections, the Frank Mott Harrison Collection and the Offor Collection

The Frank Mott Harrison Collection

  • Frank Mott Harrison was a native of Hove, Sussex and a lifelong student of John Bunyan and his work. In 1938, he presented his collection to Bedford Central Library to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Bunyan's death
  • The collection has nearly 1,000 items including many rare editions and several first editions of Bunyan's works. It also contains works by Bunyan's contemporaries and Bunyan criticism and biography. Find more information about John Bunyan

The Offor Collection

  • George Offor was a nineteenth century Bunyan editor. The strength of the Offor Collection lies in the sixteenth and seventeenth century texts of Bunyan's works together with a large number of foreign translations

Further information

Title page from the Pilgrim's Progress, from an edition of c1850

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