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Jobs, Careers, Skills Home


  • You can access a number of useful websites on finding a job without having to do the searching by visiting the Jobs, Skills and Volunteering section of WebLinks A man and a woman in an interview setting

  • Find out about assessment tests, as some organisations may require you to complete one during your interview

  • Visit the website which is the official jobs, training, careers, childcare and voluntary work site

  • The Local Information Database is the place to find out about local clubs, organisations, and societies in and around Bedfordshire

  • The Jobs Hubs LogoIf you are a Bedford Borough resident, visit the Jobs Hub website where you will find information on support with CVs, application forms, and interview skills. Visit the Jobs Hub in Bedford for more information

At your Library

  • Borrow books from your library on interview hints, tips, and preparation. Also, find out more on the type of job you have applied for. Search the catalogue and request books to pick up at your local branch

  • Find out about the organisation you are interviewing with. Some libraries have reference books that contain company information

  • Visit Your library to find out what other resources and support is available

Page last updated: 29th July 2021