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60th Anniversary of the NHS

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  • Blue and white abstractAt the BBC's The NHS at 60 pages there are articles and facts and figures and at the BBC Archive there is a large section on the Birth of the National Health Service where you can view and listen to historical broadcasts, including the announcement by Sir William Beveridge outlining his proposals for a new welfare state
  • The Guardian newspaper's pages The NHS at 60 give you photos, articles audio and video clips and images of the introductory leaflet about the NHS that every household received in the summer of 1948
  • At the National Health Service History site you can read the online book 'From cradle to grave - the first 60 years of the NHS' by Geoffrey Rivett  and view 'A chronology of state medicine, public health, welfare and related services in Britain: 1066 - 1999' by Michael Warren

Page last updated: 18th March 2021