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British Standards

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What are British Standards?

  • British Standards are technical documents. They are guides for manufacturers and designers to follow to ensure that their products and services can be safe and of a certain quality
  • They are produced by the British Standards Institute, known as BSI
  • For full details of BSI and explanations of British Standards, see the pages About BSI British Standards and About Standards, on the BSI web site
  • You can search or browse the full British Standards catalogue at the BSI Shop web pages

Where can I see British Standards?

  • You can see British Standards at subscribing libraries, the subscribing library service nearest to Bedfordshire is Hertfordshire - You can use British Standards Online in any Welwyn Garden City library
  • There is a list of all public and university library services that subscribe to British Standards at the BSI Education web site page UK libraries with British Standards
  • Please note that it is important to contact a library directly before visiting so as to check access arrangements and availability

Where can I buy British Standards?

  • You can order British Standards from the online BSI Shop
  • At the BSI Shop web pages you can also search or browse the full British Standards catalogue


Page last updated: 17th July 2020