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1939 National Register
Not one of the ten-yearly Censuses but a one-off record of all members of the civilian population which was made as part of war preparations. The Register was based on individuals' whereabouts on 29th September 1939. Members of the public may now request data from the register, for a fee, from the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care. Data will be released only on individuals who have died and who have been recorded as deceased.

Ancestry Library Edition
Censuses 1841 -1911, and all other Ancestry resources, are available free in Bedfordshire libraries. Click the link or the logo at the top of the 'Local and family history A-Z' page. At the home page, scroll down to see the link to the 'UK census collection'. To see a list of all UK records, at the home page click 'Search' tab, then scroll down and under 'Browse by location' click 'UK and Ireland', then click the required country. At the list of records, click the 'View all...' link under each category

Census Online
Links to census records, use the menu to select the country you are interested in.

1881 census is available free here. At the site, find the search form for the 1881 British census as follows: click the 'Search' tab, then click 'Census' on the menu at the left, then select '1881 British Census' on the drop-down menu.
1841, 1861, 1871, 1891 censuses

FreeCEN: UK Census Online
1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1891 census records being added here but coverage not yet complete. Entirely free site. At the site, click 'Database coverage' in the menu on the left to see what percentage of each census for each county has been transcribed, then click 'Search the database' in the menu on the left. The Bedfordshire 1891 census has now been completely transcribed.

National Archives
1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses are available from the National Archives site. Note that only the 1881 census is free. The others are free to search but there are charges to see full results. There is now a limited and more expensive service for details from the 1911 census, but a specific address from that census must be supplied

UK Census Online
Practical information about the UK 1841 - 1911 censuses and how to use it to research your family history

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