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Sunday Pictorial 12th October 1930

Sunday Pictorial 12th October 1930



Fainting Women and Men in Tears in Cemetary


Funeral Procession a Mile and a  Half in Length

And now they come home. Nor is there aught of place or precedence among them; they that went forth a band of brothers, pioneers in a great enterprise. So some they home as brothers still, peer beside peasant lad, nor sign nor token shows them otherwise.

Rank upon rank, the log procession bears down the wide road across the level land toward the great mast whence one brief week since they sailed; carries them onward, proudly yet so tenderly, towards the great and the little church, and by the roadside one great grave.

The impulse of emotion which drew countless thousands to Westminster Hall and yesterday packed London Streets accompanied them to the grave.

These last scenes at Bedford and in the little churchyard were unforgettable.

Slowly the train carrying the forty-eight coffins steamed into the station. With bowed heads representatives of the countrys mourning, stood the Lord Lieutenant of the county and the Mayor of Bedford.

To the purple-shrouded carriage walked the bearers. The silence was intense until the first coffin was lifted to the platform.

Then came a great roar, and two flights of bombers shot overhead in salute. They remained overhead until the procession had been formed and was moving slowly through the densely crowded streets towards Cardington.


At its head marched the firing party of the RAF carrying their arms reversed. Then came the first of the grey lorries with two coffins in it, covered by the Union Jack and almost hidden with flowers.

Marshalled at the roadside was the band of the Bedfordshire Regiment, which played a mournful lament as the sad procession, passed.

Through the closely packed mourning crowds the long cortege wended its way. Everywhere were women and men clad in black.

Sunday Pictorial 12th October 1930

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