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Daily Mirror 15th October 1929

Newspaper Article - Daily Mirror 15th October 1929



Less Vibration in Saloon Than in Big Liner



"It was a wonderful successful flight", said Major Scott to me after the R101 returned to Cardington, "and I am perfectly satisfied with the ship in every way".

"With only three engines running our cruising speed was fifty-eight miles an hour, equal to the R33s fastest speed.

"We reached London at 12.30pm, by way of Cricklewood and flew at 2,000 feet.

"Trafalgar square seemed to us to be pretty full of people, and we could hear distinctly the hooting of sirens from steamboats, tugs and railway engines.

"Our engines were extraordinary quiet. At luncheon we sat as if we were in the restaurant of a big liner. There was even less vibration.


"All we could hear was a sort of whispering hum. "The chairs on which we were seated were not secured, but they did not move from their positions

"When passing over schools, we were delighted to see that the children had been given permission to leave their desks to give us a cheer.

"There will be four trial flights, probably beginning on Wednesday, before we can really pronounce the ship ready for a long distance flight.

"Our final trial will probably last for twenty four hours".

While R101 was being attached to the mooring tower a cable came in contact with the envelope and tore the fabric several inches.

I was informed, however, that the damage was immaterial and could be repaired on a few minutes.


Lunchers Dash from Restaurants To See the Airship Pass

R101 spent over five hours in the air. Her great silvery baulk made her speed seem snail like as she passed over town after town. Her route was:-

Bedford London (City)
Leighton Buzzard St. Albans
Luton Harpenden
St. Albans Luton
London (West End) Bedford

London had a perfect view of R101, so perfect that all traffic was delayed.

All traffic in the City came to a standstill. Lunchers at restaurants forgot their half finished meals and ran out into the roadway to join the throng of excited sky gazers.

Unlike the city workers who stood silent, the shoppers and shop girls of the West End raised cheer after cheer.

The birds at Kenwood and Hampstead Heath had a severe shock when they saw the R101 and they filled the sky in hundreds, flying wildly about the airship with scolding cries.

Earlier scenes at Cardington are described on page 26.

Daily Mirror 15th October 1929

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