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Daily Herald 6th October 1930

Daily Herald 6th October 1930



The other 44 victims of the R101 disaster are given below.  The names without numbers are those of men who took the places of members of the original crew those men who are unnumbered in the group photograph above.

Wing-Commander R.B.Colmore
Director of Airship Development. Born at Portsmouth in 1877. Evolved a novel scheme of dealing with the submarine menace during the war by a system of combined patrols of airships, seaplanes and aeroplanes.

Lieut-Colonel V.C.Richmond
Assistant Director of the technical side of airship development

Major G.H.Scott (23)
Assistant Director of Airship Development (flying) (A sketch of Major Scotts character will be found in the Gossip paragraphs on Page Eight)

Major P.Bishop
Chief Inspector, Aeronautical Inspection Department of the Air Ministry.

Squadron-Leader F.M.Rope
Attached to Directorate of Airship Development

Flight-Lieut H.C.Irwin, R101 captain (22)
Had been flying in airships since before the war. He would never take unnecessary risks, and his enthusiasm would never blind his judgement to the danger of risk.. But he was the kind of man who would never have thought of personal danger where the question of advancing airships was concerned. Once he said There is a feeling still among the general public that airships are not safe. That is quiet wrong. As a matter of fact they are safer than sea ships, and in rough weather at the mercy of a very much gentler element than water.

Squadron-Leader E.L.Johnston (21)

Lieut-Commander N.G.Atherstone (24)
First Officer

Flight-Officer M.H. Steff
Second Officer

M. A. Giblett (25)
Superintendent of Airship Division, Meteorological Office

Aeronautical Inspection Department

Squadron-Leader W.H. ONeill
RAF, representing the Secretary of State for India.

Squadron-Leader W.Palstra
Royal Australian Air Force.

Mr. J. Buck
Attendant to Secretary of State for Air.

Atkins, G.K. London (9)
Aged 30. Wireless Operator. Joined airship service 1917. Went with R100 on Canadian Flight.

Blake, R. Westminster, London (33)
Aged 33. Engineer. No previous flying experience. Joined R101 crew, October 1929.

Elliott, F. 
Took the place of C.W. Larkins as wireless operator.

Ferguson, C.J. Gillingham, Kent  (12)
Aged 36. Engineer. No previous experience. Joined crew R101 August 1929.

Ford, H.E., Kingsbridge, Devon (7)
Aged 27. Rigger. Attached Cardington for construction of R37 and R33. Joined R101 crew 1929.

Foster, P. A.  Bedford (30)
Aged 28. Rigger. no previous flying experience. Joined R101 crew October, 1929.

Gent, W.R. Northampton (26)
Aged 53. First engineer R101. Joined airship service 1915. R29, R32, R34, R36, R33. Joined R101 1928. Crew of R34 to USA and return. R33 breakaway crew.

Graham, E.A., Ranelagh, Co. Dublin
Aged 28. Cook. Joined R101 September 1930

Hastings, A.C.  East Ham, London (11)
Aged 30. Engineer. Joined airship service 1918. R33, R80, R38. Joined R101 1929.

Hodnett, F., Youghal, Co. Cork.
Aged 29. Assistant steward. Joined airships April 1930. Assistant steward on R100 Canadian flight.

Hunt, G.W., Twyford, Berks  (20)
Aged 41. Chief Coxswain R29 and R33. Joined R101 August 1929. Member of R33 breakaway crew.

Keeley, S.T., Stufton, Diss, Norfolk
Aged 35, Chief wireless operator. Joined airship service 1924. On board R33 during breakaway. R100 Canadian flight.

Key, T.A.A., Hastings, Sussex (1)
Aged 35. Charge-hand engineer. Joined R101 in 1929. R36, R33.

King, W.H., Tonbridge, Kent. (4)
Aged 32. Engineer. R29, R36, R33 breakaway crew. Joined R101 1929.

Littlekit, M.F., Sherfield English, near Romsey (5)
Aged 29. Engineer. No previous flying experience. Joined R101 crew July 1929.

Mason, C.H., Harringay, Middlesex (31)
Aged 33. Joined airship service 1916, R101 in 1929

Megginson, T.W., York
Aged 18. Galley Boy. No previous flying experience. Joined crew R101 and R100 July 1930.

Moule, W., Wolverhampton (34)
Aged 30. Engineer. No previous flying experience. Joined crew R101 October 1929.

Norcott, A.W., Royston, Herts (3)
Aged 29. Rigger. No previous flying experience. Joined R101 crew October, 1929.

Oughton, L.F., St. Pancrass, London (27)
Aged 29. Assistant coxswain. Joined airship service 1929. R24, R33, R36. Joined R101 1929.

Potter, W.A., Yoxford, Suffolk. (19)
Aged 32. Assistant chief coxswain. Joined airship service in 1915. R31, R33,. Survivor of crew 38. Joined R101 in 1929.

Rampton, M.G., Binsted, Hants (16)
Aged 31. Rigger. Joined airship service 1915. R31, R32, R34, r36. Joined crew R101 1929.

Richardson, A.J., Wilstead, Beds (29)
Aged 29. Rigger. No previous flying experience. Joined crew R101 October, 1929.

Rudd, E.G. Norwich (28)
Aged 25. Rigger. No previous flying experience. Joined R101 crew 1929.

Savidge, A.H., Reading.
Aged 32. Chief steward. R36, R100(Canadian flight) and R101

Scott, S.E., Leicester (17)
Aged 40. Charge-hand engineer. Joined airship service 1921. R33(breakaway crew) and R101.

Short, G.W., Maidenhead (18)
Aged 34. Charge-hand engineer. Joined airship service 1918 and R101 July 1929.

Taylor, C.E., Wilstead, Beds (32)
Aged 33. Rigger. No previous flying experience. Joined crew R101 October, 1929.

Watkins, A.H. (9)
Engineer. Took the place of G.Watson of Gillingham, Kent, who did not travel in the airship.

The names of places given above are the victims birthplaces.

Daily Herald 6th October 1930

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