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R101 Books and Articles

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The following material on the R101 airship is held in The Local Studies Library at Bedford Central Library. There are loan copies of all the books mentioned below.


  • CHAMBERLAIN, Geoffrey. Airships : Cardington. 1984.
    The story of Cardingtons association with airships from 1917 until the 1980s.
  • FULLER, J. The Airmen who would not die. 1979
    Investigates the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the crash
  • LEASOR, James. The Millionth Chance : the story of the R101. 1957
    Lord Thomson, the Labour Governments Air Minister who died in the crash had often said Shes as safe as a house except for the millionth chance.
  • LE NEVE WALMSLEY, Nick R101 : a pictorial history. 2000.
    Contains a large number of photographs of the construction, interior, crew, flights, crash and funeral.
  • MASEFIELD, Peter. To Ride the Storm : the story of the Airship R101. 1982.
    The story of the British Airship Programme of 1924-1930.
  • R101 The Airship Disaster 1930. HMSO. abridged edition 1999
    Report of the R101 enquiry presented by the Secretary of State for Air to Parliament by Command of Her Majesty, March 1931.

Also held are a number of books on the history of airships which contain chapters on the R101.

Search the library catalogue for these titles to request them or check that they are available.


  • AIRSHIP HERITAGE TRUST R100 and R101 : a selection of articles first published in the Dirigible Journal.
  • DAY, R.C. The Aerial Leviathans. Bedfordshire Magazine Vol.5 pp.47-50 1955
  • GREENWAY, D. R101 Pilgrimage. Bedfordshire Mag. Vol.25 pp268-272 1966.
  • PITT, John The end of the British Airship. British History Illustrated Sept. 1977 pp.30-45
  • R101 and Afterwards. Quarterly Review January 1931 pp.178-191
  • NEWSPAPER CUTTINGS FOLDERS Six folders containing national and local newspaper articles on the R101 from 1929 to the present day.
  • Dirigible The Journal of the Airship Museum published by the Friends of Cardington Airship Station 1989-2004.

Page last updated: 3rd February 2014