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St. Margarets Church

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St. Margaret's Church Parish Registers

Parish registers were compiled by the Church of England as a record of christenings, marriages and burials. In Lidlington the parish registers began in 1560. The registers often contain more information than just the name of the person who was being christened, baptised or buried and the date on which the event took place. For example the Lidlington parish registers contains remarks such as:


  • May 12, 1781, George Briant (Marston), of the age of twenty one years to Sarah Burgin, with the consent of parents, of the age of nineteen


  • October 12, 1678, Sicily the wife of William Chapman was buried in sheeps wooll as appeared by the oath of Ann Bowton.
  • November 22, 1724, A poor travailing man who dyed suddainly.
  • February 10, 1758, A travelling man, name not known found dead in the Tilth field.
  • June 13, 1800, George Kindston, drowned.
  • January 24, 1809, James Crick murdered on the night of the 20th inst. In Mrs Ladd's Close.

In the introduction to the transcribed parish register of Lidlington the editor noted some of the popular family names that appear in the register. These were Bigg (during the period 1616-1812), Burgin (1609 - 1811), Bushby (1560 -1788), Clarke (1562 - 1809), Cole (1560 - 1811), Crouch (1598 - 1811), Goodman (1607 - 1810). Johnson (1569 - 1812) and Odell (1588 - 1810).

There are also some unusual names e.g. Salathiel Broome (buried 1607), Isaac Barnicastell (baptised 1672), John Wossellcraft (baptised 1624), William Savadg (married 1568), William Rawbones (died 1790) and Faustian Johnson (married 1612).

Copies of the Lidlington parish register (1560 - 1812) are available in Bedford Central Library.

St. Margarets Church Parish registers by Bedfordshire Libraries, 2005

Page last updated: 3rd February 2014