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Leighton Buzzard
Weather Timeline

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1860: The coldest Christmas Day on record. It was -22 degrees Centigrade. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 20/4/2004)

1881: A 48 hour snowstorm on Christmas Day and Boxing Day blocked roads with drifts up to 9 feet. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 20/4/2004)

1903: Major storms resulted in flooding of Leighton Buzzard. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 20/4/2004)

1929: In the depths of winter canal barges were icebound. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 20/4/2004)

1907: The Bedford Mercury of 4th January 1907 reports that As a result of the rapid thaw and heavy rains, the neighbourhood of Leighton Buzzard resembles a vast lake, miles of the countryside being under water...To pedestrians the roads have become impassable, ...for miles the river presents the appearance of an open sea, and the water is still rising.

1928: Leighton Buzzard becomes a stop-over for travellers stranded by heavy snowfalls. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 03/01/1928 p6 and 7)

1950: On May 21st a tornado strikes the town resulting in flooding, giant hailstones and the destruction of many trees.

1963: Snow several feet deep lay for two months. The canal was frozen solid and canal boats were trapped. In early February 1,500 homes were without water for two weeks. Wildlife and farm animals died of hunger or starving.

1960s: Lake Street has the name because it was prone to flooding. After heavy rain it was common for the road to be flooded from the junction with Stanbridge Road right up past the Sun Public house. People would sometimes row across to get into town. Flood prevention work was carried out in the late 1960s and it is now very rare for Lake Street to flood.

1990: The last of the giant cedar trees in the avenue at The Cedars, now Leighton Middle School, fell in the tempest on 25th January. It was just one of hundreds of trees, roves and fences that were damaged that day in the town.

1992: On Wednesday 29th September, after days of heavy rain the saturated ground could no longer absorb excess water. Four inches of rain fell on the Tuesday night resulting in flooding in various areas of the town. Hockliffe Road was soon flooded and only the large traffic could safely get through. The ditch feeding into Clipstone Brook was full and there was too much water to flow under the little road bridge. Water began to overflow and run around the culvert and back into the Brook. The water surrounded the Scout hut in its new route to the brook.

1995: A long spell of hot dry weather resulted in a number of grass field and hedge fires. Weather sparks field fires. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 29/8/1995)

1997: Storms leave a trail of damage. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 22/5/1997 p5)

1998: It was the day of the deluge (Leighton Buzzard Observer 16/04/1998 p1) A few days later a glider from Dunstable Downs was blown apart by the storm. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 20/04/1998) p1

1998: Lightning hits buildings in the town. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 21/05/1998)

1999: Flooding, "Deluge floods the valley" (Leighton Buzzard Observer 19/01/1999 p3) Flood warning scheme is linked to a central computer. (Leighton Buzzard Observer 15/06/1999 p 5)

2003: Homes are within an inch of being flooded, but Leightons flood prevention dam scheme is on hold till 2005. (Leighton Buzzard Observer, 07/01/2003 p 1 and 3)

2007: Floods affect Southcott Village and Bunkers Lane. Fire crews were called out from Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable, Toddington, Woburn and Sandy to help. (Leighton Buzzard Observer, Homes flooded in summer deluge, 24/07/2007 p 1 and 2)

2008: Nearly a week of Gales cause havoc. Containers were blown onto the London Midland railway line resulting in cancelled trains. A couple escaped as a hundred foot preserved pine tree crashed through their roof at 2.00am a house in Heath Court off Plantation Road.


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Page last updated: 3rd February 2014