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Leighton Buzzard and Linslade

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Leighton Buzzard and Linslade General History Quiz

1. Leighton Buzzard has had a Tuesday Market since at least...? Market 1893
a) 1284 c) 1639
b) 1414 d) 1801

2. Dillamore's is one of the oldest family businesses in Leighton. When did they open their first shop? Newspaper advertisement for Dillamore's Furniture Shop
a) 1906 c) 1964
b) 1923 d) 1908

3. This is the statue in the centre of town. Which of the following is it? Market Cross with railings
a) Trig Point c) Market Cross
b) Eleanor Cross d) Fountain

4. This was originally the market hall and is now a restaurant. What was this building used for in between? Ask restaurant 2009
a) Bank c) Fire Station
b) Meeting House d) Library

5. Which Leighton Buzzard school was founded in 1813? Photograph of school workshop
a) The British School ('Lancasterian')
b) Cedars School
c) Mary Bassett School
d) Pulford School

6. Which town is this public house named after? Public house
a) Northampton c) Bedford
b) Linslade d) Buckingham

7. When did the first canal barge pass through Leighton Linslade? Grand Union Canal at Leighton Buzzard
a) 26th April 1908 c) November 16th 1920
b)  July 5th 1896 d) May 28th 1800

8. The Great Train Robbery took place 2 miles south of Leighton Buzzard station. How many bags of money were stolen? Bridego Bridge 1963
a) 500 c)  60
b) 1million d) 120

9. In 1950 extreme weather hit Leighton Buzzard and Linslade. Was it...? Sky image
a) An earthquake c) A tornado
b) Flooding d) A big freeze

10. One of the oldest buildings in Leighton is named after which type of bird? Antique Binoculars
a) Peacock c) Buzzard
b) Swan d) Eagle

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 Page last updated: 31st January 2014