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Kempston Library

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During 1987 Kempstion Library was extensively refurbished. The Library, which was opened in 1960, had remained essentially unchanges since then. The 'new' library displays features which have become expected in a modern library service including:-

  • A computerised issue system and catalogue, linking the library to all other main libraries in the County.
  • Re-allocation of space and partial re-shelving giving a more effective use of the building. The library is more open plan now allowing better distribution of space for the children's area, and allowing for arts and other events to be put on in the evenings. A programme of such events is planned for the Autumn and early 1989.
  • The attractiveness of the new open plan library has been enhanced by carpeting, which was paid for by Kempston Town Council, and redecoration in its striking pink, blue and grey colour schemes.
  • A display space has been equipped in the entrance hall.
  • Storage facilities have been added for the Kempston Toy Library, which meets in the library on Monday afternoons.

Kempston can now boast a modern, attractive library offering books, records, computer software and spoken word cassette loan, as well as reference and information services. The library has weekly storytimes for children and there are advice sessions from the Unemployed Workers Centre on Welfare benefits, councillor's surgeries twice a month and the weekly Toy Library. The library also has 'outreach' collections at Kempston Youth Club and Kempston Health Clinic.


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Kempston Library, Kempston by Bedfordshire Libraries, 2020

Page last updated: 22nd July 2020