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Lower and Upper Gravenhurst

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12th Century: The ironstone Church of St. Giles, Upper Gravenhurst, has a mutilated Norman chancel surviving from the early 12th century church, parts of the nave are also of 12th century date. The west tower was a late 15th century addition.

14th Century: Lower Gravenhurst St. Mary's Church, was built during the 14th century for Sir Robert De Bilhemore who died c1360.

1820: Enclosure Act passed.

1836: New Rectory built.

1868:  Wesleyan Chapel opened, rebuilt in 1903.

1869: Gravenhurst School built and opened in January 1870.

1886: The School was closed from the 9th March to 3rd May due to a severe outbreak of scarlet fever in which four children died.

1888: Upper and Lower Gravenhurst, which were formally two parishes, made into one.

1935: Albert Richardson restores St. Mary's Church.

1962: Part of the ceiling of St. Mary's Church falls in.

1972: St. Mary's Church made redundant.

2002: Bells at St. Giles Church repaired at a cost of 4,000.

Page last updated: 21st May 2020