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Smith, Worthington George
Further Reading

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  • A notable antiquary by H. White in the Bedfordshire Magazine, Vol. 3, 1953
  • Middling for wrecks by James Dyer in South Bedfordshire Archaeology Vol. 11, No. 83, 1965
  • 'W.G.S' A man to remember by T.W. Bagshaw in the Bedfordshire Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 82, 1967
  • 'W.G.S' and the potato blight mystery by James Dyer in the Bedfordshire Magazine Vol. 11, no. 83, 1967
  • Worthington George Smith and other studies, essays presented to Joyce Godber by James Dyer, Bedfordshire Historical Record Society, 1978


  • Palaeoecology and archaeology of an Acheulian site at Caddington England by C.G. Sampson, Department of anthropology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, 1978
  • The excavation of an Acheulian site at Gaddesden Row by J.J. Wymer in the Bedfordshire Archaeological Journal, Vol XIV, 1980

Selected Papers and Works by Worthington George Smith:

  • On palaeolithic implements from the valley of the Lea, Transactions of the Anthropological Institute VIII, 1879
  • On a palaeolithic floor at North-East London, Transactions of the Anthropological Institute XIII, 1884
  • Man the primeval savage, Edward Stanford, 1894
  • Dunstable, its history and surroundings, 1904
  • Early Man in the Victoria County History of Bedfordshire, 1904
  • Notes on the palaeolithic floor near Caddington, Archaeologia 67, 1916

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