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Bedford Castle

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The story behind the castle mound
Bedfordshire on Sunday 29th April 1979

Bedford Castle Bedford Castle

Built within 20 years of the Norman Conquest in 1066, Bedford Castle was one of many strongholds constructed on the familiar Norman "motte and bailey" (mound and enclosure) pattern to overawe the native Saxons and provide a headquarters for a local baron, in this case Hugh de Beauchamp whose family held the castle for the next 150 years. In 1215 Bedford Castle fell into the hands Fakes De Breaute, a Norman Mercenary and a henchman of King John, who terrorised the countryside as far as St. Albans. Falkes strengthened and enlarged the castle. The large limekiln he used for these building operations has been found and can be seen near the junction of Castle Lane and Ram Yard beside the car park.

Bedfordshire on Sunday
Published with permission

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