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100 Great Black Britons
Benjamin Zephaniah, Linford Christie, Ms Dynamite, Mary Seacole, Lenny Henry and many more. A great resource.

Anne Frank
Photographs of Anne and her family and the annexe. Click on Anne Frank for information on her life, her hiding place and her diary.

Barack Obama
Facts and figures about Barack Obama's life, plus information about his political rise to power.

Lots of information about John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr - real name Richard Starkey. Takes you through all the years of Beatlemania, details of their albums and films. Great site!

Beatles Story
Lots of information about The Beatles Story attraction in Liverpool. The site has an interactive timeline of the Beatles' history.

Biography Online
Lists of famous people - from actors, royalty, sporting personalities and musicians to spiritual and humanitarians. Click on the name in the list to see more information.

Classics for Kids
Lots of good info on composers, their biographies, timelines and the different musical periods.

Lots of info about classical composers and timelines of when they lived.

Donald Trump
Information about Donald Trump's life, business background and his rise in politics to become President of the United States of America.

An A-Z of explorer biographies, including Neil Armstrong and Ernest Shackleton.

Great site with an A-Z of explorers, or why not look at countries and discover who discovered them? There is also a timeline. Includes Ernest Shackleton, Robert F Scott and Neil Armstrong.

Famous People
This is a great, easy to read site. It includes the lives of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Christopher Columbus, Elizabeth Fry, Henry VIII, Florence Nightingale, Samuel Pepys, Mary Seacole and Rosa Parks.

Famous Scientists
Click on the image of the scientist to learn more about them and their achievements.

Helen Keller
Lots of info and photographs.

John Bunyan
Information from Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service about John Bunyan - where he was born and what he wrote. Also information on Elstow Abbey and other places in Bedfordshire connected with him.

John Lennon
Biography, history and videos of John Lennon.

Nelson Mandela
This site offers lots of information about Nelson Mandela - including timelines from his trial and time in prison.

Olympic Athletes
This site lists the both winter and summer Olympic athletes - click on their names to see the medals they won and biographical information.

Samuel Pepys' Diaries
This is a wonderful website which started in 2003. Pepys' Diaries are presented here as an ongoing project. Starting with 1st Jan 1660, new entries are being added on a daily basis.

Sporting Personalities lists the top 100 personalities, many of them have links to more information about the sporting hero.

Top 100 Famous People
A list of famous people, chosen mainly from the nineteenth, twentieth or twenty-first centuries. This list includes famous actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, writers, artists and humanitarians.

Wright Brothers
Lots of information about the Wright Brothers and the history of aviation.

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