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IT in the Library

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What IT is available in the library?

The libraries all have public access computers, just log on with your library card number and PIN, to get a minimum of one hour free.
For details of the services in each authority click here.

All libraries also offer free WiFi, just visit the library connect your tablet, phone or laptop and you are away!
For more information about WiFi in the library click here.

You can choose whether your child can log on to the computers, just ask a member of staff for more details.

What do you do to protect my child online?

All Internet access is filtered through the Council filtering software. This software attempts to filter out viruses and any Web site that may cause offence - access is prevented to sites on the grounds of sexual, racist, defamatory content, etc.
However, this software cannot be 100% effective and material may get through that you may find distasteful, also some perfectly innocuous sites may be blocked We log Internet usage to help ensure that everyone is using it safely and legitimately.

How can I help my child to be safe online?

Learn more about the benefits and dangers of being online. Spend time with your child when they are online so you are aware of what they are doing.
There is more information about being safe online here.

Page last updated: 31st May 2017