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About Music in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Libraries

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How many items can I borrow?

Bedford Borough have a collection of CDs.

  • You can loan up to 10 items for three weeks using your library card

How much does it cost?

Can I reserve a title?

Yes you can request CDs from the library catalogue. There is a charge for this service.

Can I see a list of all CDs in stock?

Yes you can.  Visit Arena, the online library catalogue and click on the Advanced search option.  Select the Class number from the top drop down.  Enter CD* into the search box and click Search.  This will return a list of all the CDs in stock divided into their categories.

Are there any tips on the care of CDs?

While CDs are in your possession treat them carefully:

  • Handle them by the edges
  • Use a CD cleaning cloth
  • Keep them away from strong sunlight or electromagnetic fields
  • Report any damage to staff on return

How does the law affect the loan of CDs?

Due to music industry restrictions some top chart titles are not available to libraries until 3 months after the release date.  The majority are now released to the library service at the same time that they are available in the shops and online.

You should be aware that it is an offence to make a copy of any recording even for private use without the written permission of the publisher

Do you have songbooks, vocal scores and instrumental sheet music?

Yes, we offer a range of printed music. There is a selection of songbooks, from pop to standards, plus many which have matching CDs.  The library also holds a selection of music for the most popular instruments ranging from tutors and popular music to standard works and examination texts.

Vocal scores are held for the majority of popular operas, musical shows and choral works. Multiple copies for use by musical societies can be obtained via Inter Library Loans on a 3 month loan.

Bedford Central Library holds a small collection of miniature orchestral study scores. Full scores and orchestral parts can usually be obtained via Inter Library loan.

See fines and charges for current reservation charges.

Page last updated: 8th November 2022