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RBdigital Frequently Asked Audiobook Questions

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How do I access RBdigital?

There are two ways to access the service

  1. The RBdigital App - there is an app for Android, Apple and Kindle Fire devices - just look for 'RBdigital' in your app store to download or follow the links below to download directly.
  2. The RBdigital Website - log in here to visit the RBdigital website
  3. Click here to download a guide to using the website (PDF 1053kb).

How do I register for an RBdigital account?

You need an RD Digital account to access RBdigital audiobooks either online or through the app. There are two ways to set up an account;

1. Using the RBdigital App

  • Go to your app store - Apple, Android and Kindle Fire
  • Search for, download and install the 'RBdigital' app
  • Open the app
  • Click on the link 'Not a member? Register now.'
  • Choose your country from the list - United Kingdom
  • Choose your library - Search for 'Bedford' - and select Bedfordshire Borough Council
  • Click 'Create Account'
  • Enter your library card number and complete the account and personal information sections
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click 'Register'
  • You now have a RBdigital account and can use the app to search, checkout and download audiobooks - as well as e-books and magazines.


2. Using the RBdigital website

  • Firstly log in on the Virtual Library then follow the RBdigital link
  • Click 'Register'
  • Fill out form and Click 'Register'
  • Search for the title you want
  • To checkout an audiobook title to your RBdigital account, simply click on the title of your choice.
  • Click 'Checkout'

You can then checkout and download more titles or download the app and do everything in one place.

How do I install the RBdigital Media Manager

In order to listen to and manage your collection on a computer or laptop you need to download the RBdigital Media Manager.
If you selected "Yes" for Use RBdigital Media Manager as my default player when you created your account you will be brought to the Player Tutorial the first time you attempt to checkout a title.
Also, the installation process will begin automatically.

Before you Begin! You will need
Windows Media Player
200 MB of free disk space or 512 MB of RAM
Make sure your web browser is setup to allow pop-ups.

1. A file download dialog box will appear that asks you to Run, Save or Cancel. Click Run.
2. Next you may see an additional dialog box letting you know that the publisher cannot be verified
and asking you if you are sure you want to run the software. Click Run.
3. Next you will be prompted to install Microsoft .Net Framework 4 if it is not currently installed
on your computer. Click Accept. It will take a few minutes while the installation package verifies
application requirements.
4. Next, you will see a dialog box prompting you to install the application. Click Install.
It will take a few minutes to complete the installation.
5. Once the installation is complete you will see a dialog box welcoming you to the RBdigital
Media Manager. Click the Next button.
6. You must acknowledge that you have reviewed the License Agreement and accept the terms in the
agreement. Once you have done this click Install.
7. Finally, click Finish. This will launch the RBdigital Media Manager.
8. Click on the Connect to Profile button, select your username, enter your PIN or password and
click on Login. This will connect your online digital media collection to the media manager and allow
you to listen to selections you have downloaded.
9. RBdigital Media Manager will open!

If you did not choose to use the RBdigital Media Manager as your default player, but decide at a later time you would like to install it, click on the button that says Download RBdigital Media Manager. You can then follow the 10 steps above.

Are new titles added to the audiobooks catalogue?

Yes, there are at least twenty-one new titles added every month.  You can see the details of these new audiobooks titles here.

How many audiobooks titles can I have on loan at one time?

You can borrow and download up to ten audiobooks titles; they are loaned for up to three weeks.

If you have 10 audiobooks files on loan, you cannot download another one until the loan period expires or you return on one of the ten.
To see the time remaining on a loan, log in to your account and go to Checked Out. When the loan period expires for an audiobooks title, you can no longer access it.

How do I browse the available titles by genre/subject?

To see a full browsable list of titles by genre or subject, with images and synopsis, click on the 'Explore' link for Audiobooks.
Then click on the 'View by Genre' button to select your genre.

How do I see the books I have checked out?

To see your current checked out items, how long they have left before they expire, etc. click on the three horizontal lines to see the menu, click on 'Checked Out' to see all the titles you have on loan.

Can I reserve audiobooks?

Yes, some titles are sold to us on a one book one borrow basis, if the title is on loan already you will be given the option to 'Hold' it - this will place a reservation on the title. You will be informed when it is available to be checked out and downloaded.
You can view your holds (reservations) by clicking on the three horizontal lines to open the menu, then click on 'My Account' and finally on 'Holds'.

Can I renew audiobooks without downloading the file a second time?

Yes, as long as it has not been requested by someone else. You can choose to renew your audiobooks file any time during the original loan period.

Can I return audiobooks files from my checked out items list?

Yes, you can return items early if you have finished them. Click on the three horizontal lines to open the menu, then click on 'Checked Out' and then the 'Return' button.

How do I listen to audiobooks in the car?

You will need the appropriate connection that works with your smartphone, tablet and car stereo - usually bluetooth. Contact your device manufacturer for specific requirements.

What do I do if I need help using the service?

There are lots of helpful guides and tutorial videos on the RBdigital website. Or download the guides below for some handy tips.
Guide to using the app (PDF 1473kb).
Guide to using the website (PDF 1053kb)

RBdigital have also created some e-tutorial videos to show you how to use the RBdigital app to:
Access audiobooks
Access e-books

If you are stil encountering issues please Contact Us.

Page last updated: 21st May 2020