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Bedford Borough Libraries Rules and Regulations

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1. General
In these Rules and Regulations unless the context otherwise requires:
1.1 ‘The Act’ means the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964
1.2 ‘Library Authority’ means Bedford Borough Council
1.3 ‘Library’ means any library for the time being maintained by the Library Authority for the purpose of its functions under the Act 1964 and includes a vehicle when being used for those purposes
1.4 ‘Library Officer’ means the person appointed by the Library Authority to act on its behalf
1.5 ‘Item’ includes any and every article permanently or temporarily forming part of the contents of the library or lent, to any person by or on behalf of the Library Authority
The making of these rules and regulations is incidental to the discharge of the Library Authority’s functions under the Act. The Library Authority reserves the right to itself of amending or adding to these rules and regulations as occasion arises.

2. Hours of Opening
2.1 The library shall be open to the public on such days and during such hours as the Library Authority may from time to time determine. The itineraries and duration of mobile libraries shall be determined by the Library Officer, subject to the approval of the Library Authority
2.2 The public is admitted free to all public parts of the library during the hours when it is open

3. Behaviour in the Library
3.1 The Library Officer shall have general charge of the Library
3.2 The Library Officer may exclude from use of any part of the library or remove there from, any person not using the Library for the purpose for which it was intended, or for refusing to comply with these Rules and Regulations and/or Library Bylaws
3.3 If any person considers themselves to be aggrieved by the action of the Library Officer a written complaint may be made to the Head of Libraries who will consider the complaint

4. Membership
4.1 Membership of the library service is free
4.2 Request for membership must be made through the official application process
4.3 Satisfactory proof of identification is required in order to become a full library member
4.4 In order to become a full library member persons under the age of 16 must have their application signed by a parent or guardian who is prepared to accept the responsibilities of a guarantor. Guarantors guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on the form and are responsible for the return of items borrowed and the settlement of any charges incurred
4.5 Other forms of membership may be made available as determined from time to time
4.6 Membership of one library entitles the member to use other libraries of the Library Authority on the production of a valid membership card
4.7 Membership cards are not transferable between library members
4.8 Change of personal details (such as address or name) of a library member or their guarantor should be notified immediately to the Library Officer
4.9 Should a membership card be lost or stolen the library member will be responsible for any items borrowed until the loss is notified to the Library Officer. Lost or stolen cards may be replaced on request at a charge determined by the Library Authority
4.10 A member’s record is removed from the library computer system if the membership card is not used for two years.

5. Borrowing Items
5.1 Items will be issued on valid membership cards only
5.2 Items are borrowed for a period approved by the Library Authority
5.3 Members may not borrow more items than the maximum number stated by the Library Authority
5.4 Charges and re-hire fees are levied on items which are retained beyond the date for return at the rate approved by the Library Authority
5.5 Items may be renewed at the discretion of the Library Officer if they are not in demand
5.6 Items available for loan may be reserved and requests made for items not in the stock of any library. A charge, approved by the Library Authority, is made for this service
5.7 Replacement or repair costs will be charged for items lost or damaged while on loan at the rate approved by the Library Authority
5.8 All audio visual items are issued on the understanding that the Library Authority may not be held responsible for any damage to the borrowers’ equipment which may result from using the items
5.9 The rights of the recording company and the owners of recorded works are reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting or copying, even for personal use, are prohibited
5.10 Concessions on library charges and hire fees are available to some library members upon production of documentation approved by the Library Authority

6. ICT
6.1 The Internet may be used upon production of the member’s library card. Access to the Internet is conditional upon compliance with the Library Authority’s policy for acceptable use
6.2 Children under the age of 16 may access the full Internet service with the consent of a parent or guardian
6.3 Online membership allows access to selected Virtual Library facilities via the Internet

7. Reference Material
7.1 Access to the information and reference service is free except where a charge is incurred by the Library Authority
7.2 Reference items will not normally be available for loan but may be made available at an alternative Bedfordshire Library for reference use at the discretion of the Library Officer

8. Meeting Rooms
8.1 Rooms for meetings and other activities are available only to members of the public authorised to use them for such purposes, and their use is subject to such conditions of hire as the Library Authority may think fit to impose

9. Infectious Diseases
9.1 Items that are knowingly returned to the library from a building in which someone is suffering from a notifiable infectious disease must be made known to the Library Officer. Advice may be obtained in such situations from a ‘proper officer’ of the Health Protection Agency


Page last updated: 9th January 2019