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Charging for Computers in Central Bedfordshire Libraries


How does this work?

Each user is entitled to 120 minutes of free computer access a day (irrespective of whether they are connected to the Internet or not). This can be taken as a self-service session as now, or can be used as part of a longer paid for session (see below).  

Library Cards must only be used by the person who is named on the card.

Once you have used 120 minutes you will not be allowed another free session anywhere in Central Bedfordshire for the rest of the day.

Can I save up my free minute sessions and use them all in one go?

No - at the end of each day any unused free time will be cancelled and you will start the next day with another free 120 minutes.

How do I pay for more time?

You will be able to pay for more time through a subscription account. Please ask a member of staff to set one up for you.
The charges are £1.00 per hour.

Will I need my Library Card?

Yes, you will need to bring your Library Card (and PIN) with you to manage your subscription account.

When do I pay?

Payment can either be made at the time of booking, or it can be made in advance. If the payment is made in advance you will be able to use the computers uninterrupted until your money, or time, runs out.

If Ive logged in, can I top up my account to extend the session?

No once your session has started it cannot be extended by adding credit to your account. A new session will have to be booked and paid for.

How can I find out my credit balance?

At the start of each session - once you have entered your library card number and PIN - you can check your balance by clicking the Account Enquiry button on the screen. An Account Enquiry cannot be carried out once a session has started.

Can I still book sessions online or by phone?

Yes, providing you have credit on your subscription account or some free minutes left you will still be able to book sessions as you can now. Any payments will need to be made direct in the library. We regret we do not have an online payment facility.
Please call your local library to book.

What happens if I miss my booking?

You will only be charged for the time you are logged on. However regularly missing bookings could incur a time penalty.

When does my session start?

Your session starts after you have entered your library card number and PIN, and agreed to the terms and conditions.

How will I know when my time is running out?

You will be given 5, 3 and 1 minute warnings. At the end of your time you will be logged off. You cannot extend this session by paying once it has begun you will have to start a new session.

What happens to my credit if the computer crashes?

The first thing to do is to log off properly this will avoid the loss of credit on your account.

If the connection to the Internet goes down but the local network is up and running then you will continue to be charged for accessing the computer until you log off.

What happens if I cannot access the website I want to look at?

Staff will do all they can to help you but the Library Service cannot be responsible for third party sites, or if there is a fault or incompatibility with the website.

There may be times when the computers cant support what you intend to use them for, and in most of these cases the Library Service cannot be held responsible. It is recommended that you try out new websites, software, printing PDFs, etc, during your free 30 minute session, or talk to staff for advice.

Will I still be able to use Ancestry and other online resources for free in the library?

You will be able to use Ancestry and the online resources in the library for free for 120 minutes per day. After that we regret there will be a charge as outlined above.

Can I use the computers for more than 3 hours a day?

No, each library member is allocated a maximum 3 hours per day of computer access.

To find out more return to the Frequently Asked Question page or Contact Us.

Page last updated: 9th February 2022