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Electoral Registers and Poll Books
at Bedford Central Library

 Local and family history by library > Bedford Central Library

PB = Poll Book
ER = Electoral Register




Bedford (PB) 1790 Book
Bedford (PB) 1830 Book
Bedford (PB) 1837 Book
Bedford (ER) 1839-40 Book
Bedford (PB) 1841 Book
Bedford (PB) 1847 Book
Bedford (PB) 1857 Book
Bedford (ER) 1952-54 Book
Bedford (ER) 1955-56 Book
Bedford (ER) 1960-61 Microfiche
Bedford (ER) 1970 to date Microfiche
Bedfordshire (ER) 1847-48 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1715 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1774 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1784 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1807 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1820 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1826 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1857 Book
Bedfordshire (PB) 1859 Book
Bedfordshire (ER) 1867-68 Book
Bedfordshire (ER) 1874 Book
Bedfordshire (ER) 1957-56 Book
Luton (ER) 1958-1998 Microfiche
Mid Bedfordshire (ER) 1958-2000 Microfiche
North Bedfordshire (ER) 1839-40 Book
North Bedfordshire (ER) 1970 to 2016 Microfiche
South Bedfordshire (ER) 1958-2003 Microfiche

Page last updated: 15th July 2020