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Name: Rosemarie
Phone: 01462 617052/ 07711 370932
Additional Information
Day/Time (a) Tue 18.00-19.00 beginners 19.00-20.30 improvers 20.30-21.30 intermediates; Wed 18.30-21.30 intermediates/advanced; Thu 10.00-11.00 beginners 11.00-12.30 improvers/intermediates
Venue: Shefford Community Hall 60 High Street Shefford SG17 5AX
Notes: Line dancing classes. Demonstrations available. All classes £5, just one fee, stay for as long as you like. If you attend more than one class per week the fee is reduced to £4 per class. Also, social evenings at Haynes Village Hall. Please call for more information and to reserve a ticket. 
Last amended: 21/08/19

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