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Bedfordshire Women's Land Army

Roll Call of Bedfordshire Land Girls
Elizabeth Ann Brodrick

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Name Brodrick, Elizabeth Ann
Date of birth 12 May 1925
Place at enrolment Utacomund, India
Joined WLA 11 May 1942
Left WLA 18 September 1946
WLA No. 77088
Trained Leighton Buzzard hostel.
Employed Employed by private farmers, including Freddie Rawling, and by Beds. War Ag. at Milton Ernest hostel.
Married name Haynes
Further information Former typist, aged 17. Living in Luton, Bedfordshire on enrolment. Brother was a 'Bevan boy' After leaving the Land Army, Ann went down with TB and had treatment for five years
Ann Brodrick

Ann in 1943

Ann Brodrick 2002

Ann in 2002

Milton Ernest Land Girls get together August 2010

(left to right) Ann Haynes nee Brodrick, Kathleen Cox nee Hopkins, Dawn Filby nee Skeggs, Mary Smith nee Pakes (cutting cake) Trixie Schreiner nee Saunders, Irene Saunders nee Cook, Peggy Albertson nee Davis, Hilda Hicks nee Bright
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