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Health and Care
Frequently Asked Questions

A-Z How to Find Information > Health and care

How do I find a doctor, dentist, optician, pharmacy or hospital?

  • Blue and white abstractGo to NHS webpage and see the section 'NHS services'

Where can I find details of a medicine or drug?

Is there a self-help or support group for a particular illness or disability?

  • Find local groups at the Local Information Database
  • Find national groups by searching for the specific condition at NHS and see the links at the right of the page
  • Further national groups are at
  • Find support for children's conditions at Contact a Family in the Advice and Support section
  • Find help for learning disabilities in the Mental Health section of the health and Well-being page on WebLinks

How can I see an inspection report on a care home?

Page last updated: 7th August 2020