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1066: Domesday survey valued Odell Watermill at 36s 8d and 200 eels a year.

1221: William Fitz Warine paid 100s for the right to hold a market; the market was held on Thursdays and mentioned frequently during the remainder of the 13th century and first half of the 14th century.

1582: Peter Bulkley born, he succeeded his father as rector of Odell (1620-34). As a Puritan he was deprived of his living and emigrated to New England.  He went on to found Concord. In 1651 he published "The Gospel Covenant Opened", one of the first books to be published in America.

1623: William Alston built a house on the site of the old Odell castle.

1633: William Alston purchased Manor of Odell. He is supposed to haunt the area of his former home and his ghost has been sighted riding a phantom black charger.

1776: Odell Enclosure Act passed.

1904: Stained glass window erected as a memorial to Rev. W. Hunt, Rector 1863-91.

1928: Odell Leather Industries formed, production started in January 1929

1929: 10th May - Odell Scout Group formed.

1931: Odell Castle damaged by fire.

1934: Odell Castle Estate came on the market for sale by the Alston family who had lived there for about 350 years. Lord Luke of Pavenham purchased the estate.

1945: Women's Institute formed on the 26th June.

1958: Watermill converted into a house.

1962: Odell Castle rebuilt using the stone on the original site of the Victorian Castle.

1971: Opening Ceremony of the new Village Hall takes place on 10th September.

1989: Odell Leather Industries closes.

1998: Odell Castle sold for 1.7m.


Page last updated: 3rd February 2014