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Dunstable General History Quiz

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1.In what year did Henry I set up a town in Dunstable?  
a) 2000 c) 1089
b) 1109 d) 1119

2. Moores was the oldest shop in Dunstable. It was in business for 102 years.
When did it open?
Moores, Dunstable
a) 2008 c) 1964
b) 1906 d) 1908

3. This statue was built in 1985. Whose life does it celebrate? image of statue
a) Queen of Sheba c) Queen Eleanor
b) Queen Elizabeth II d) Henry VIII

4. What special year was celebrated by the construction of the Market Cross and Clock? Market Cross and Clock
a) 1980 c) 2000
b) 1900 d) 2006

6. This stained glass window of King Edward is found in which church? stained glass window of King Edward
a) St Mary's Church
b)The Methodist Church
c) Priory Church
d)The Baptist Church

7.On top of which building would you see this boy in blue? boy in blue
a) Chew's House c) Asda
b) The Police Station d) Argos

8. Do you recognise this building which opened in Dunstable in 1967? image of building
a) It's Asda
b) It's the Leisure Centre
c) It's Hadrian School
d) It's the Library

9. Catherine of Aragon was the first wife of Henry VIII. What happened to her? Catherine of Aragon
a) Divorced c) Died
b) Beheaded d) Outlived Henry VIII

10.The swan jewel is made of?  
a) Gold c) Bronze
b) Silver d) Lead

Check all the answers - how well did you do?

 Page last updated: 28th July 2014