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First World War Timeline
October to December 1914

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Based on local newspaper research in the Bedfordshire Times and Independent.
[Notes in square brackets have been added by the compiler to clarify, where needed, and to set the local event in a national context.]
Compiled by local historian Stuart Antrobus.

2 October 1914

P1 (Cols 6-7)
The Empire cinema advertisement: 'Second House To-Night: Final of the Scottish Wrestling'.
P5 (Col 5)
'The Bedfords' Baptism of Fire: The 1st Bedfords have had their baptism of fire, and from the list of casualties published on Wednesday, it obvious that they have been in the very thick of fighting. The names of no less than 12 non-commissioned officers and men were given as killed, 45 wounded, and 43 missing. This is an ominous first list, and apparently only deals with casualties at the Battle of Mons'[Sept. 9th].
P5 (Col 6)
'Belgian Relief Fund'[See below re Belgian refugees].

9 October 1914

P1 (Col 6)
The Picturedrome cinema advertisement: 'Latest War Pictures'.

16 October 1914

P5 (Col 3)
'Belgian Refugees in Bedford: A small party of Belgian refugees has arrived in Bedford from Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, and are thankful to be in safe hands... '[About 100,000 refugees from Belgium arrived in Britain after the Germans invaded Belgium in August 1914.]

23 October 1914

P4 (Col 7)
'Early Closing of Licensed Premises': an Order has been issued by the Military authority, acting under regulations for the Defence of the Realm, requiring all premises licensed for the sale of intoxicating liquor to be closed to all persons at 9.30pm daily... The new Order in no way disturbs the existing order forbidding the supply of intoxicants to soldiers after 8pm.'
P5 (Col 1)
'The King's Visit to Bedford: His Majesty Reviews the Troops'[Thursday].

30 October 1914

P1 (Col 1)
The Empire cinema advertisement: 'H.M. The King reviewing the Highland Territorial Troops at Bedford, The most Popular Local Film ever produced.'
P5 (Col 3)
'Help for Belgian Refugees: Bedford has this week opened its doors to the hapless Belgian refugee. Many have been taken into private homes...'

6 November 1914

P6 (Col 3)
'Women's Emergency Corps: ...have started toy-making workshops in London to capture the German trade. The Bedfordshire Branch is endeavouring to supply their market with toys made in the villages. An expert is now training workers to teach the village classes... The public are asked to support home industries, and in this way to secure employment for the crippled soldiers and sailors on their return home.'

13 November 1914

P5 (Col 5)
'On Monday the Corn Exchange was opened as a Central Recreation Room for the Scottish Territorials now billeted in Bedford. There is a buffet, with a tariff of moderate charges. Scattered about the room are refreshment and recreation tables with a block of seats in the centre for concert audiences.'

20 November 1914

P1 (Col 6)
The Picturedrome cinema advertisement: 'The Belgian Boy Musician, Le Petit Chatam, Xylophoonist, a Refugee who fled from Antwerp during the bombardment.'
P5 (Col 3)
'Comforts for the Men at the Front: Lady Ampthill's Committee: ...Mrs Kaye spoke of the work being done by the children in the Elementary Schools of Bedford in making articles of warm clothing for the soldiers.'

27 November 1914

P5 (Cols 1-2)
'Bedfordshire Training Depot in Ampthill Park: Description of the Camp: the generous aid of His Grace the Duke of Bedford men will be trained to arms under exceptionably favourable conditions...'
P5 (Col 7)
'Recruits: Men wanted at once for the Bedfordshire Yeomanry Reserve Regiment. Must be over 20 years old, able to ride, willing to serve abroad, good physique. Apply any time, Yeomanry Headquarters, Ashburnham Rd., Bedford.'

4 December 1914

P11 (Col 5)
'Military Funerals: On Saturday another impressive Scottish military funeral took place in Bedford... The third military funeral in a week, and the tenth – eight of them of Scottish Territorials – in Bedford since the outbreak of the war...'

11 December 1914

P6 (Col 7)
'A Volunteer Defence Corps for Bedford: Letter to the Editor 'It is proposed to organise a Volunteer Defence Corps in Bedford and district, comprised of men who, through age and other satisfactory reasons, are unable to join His Majesty's Forces. The objects of the Corps will be to drill and learn the elements of musketry in the members'spare time, so as to be able to render assistance to the Authorities in time of invasion or other grave National emergency... most towns have now got their Defence Corps fully organised and training in full swing...'

18 December 1914

P3 (Cols 1-7)
Advertisement placed by French and Co., 10a The Broadway, Bedford: French of Bedford is doing his bit in stimulating patriotism at home by supplying his public with the pick of British-made War Records [Columbia records 10-inch, 2/6d each; Regal records 10-inch, 1/6d…Band of H.M. Scots Guards, and popular songs, with a royalty being subscribed to the Prince of Wales'Fund].'

25 December 1914

P5 (Cols 1-6)
'The Return of the Native: A Christmas (1914) Episode'– a comedy verse story illustrated with cartoon sketches of Scots and famous non-Scots, such as John Bunyan and John Howard (or rather their statues), all dressed in kilts in a wintry Bedford.
P8 (Col 4)
'Entertainment in Aid of the Hogmanay Supper': a money-raising entertainment at the Town Hall on Saturday afternoon.

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