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OneClick (e-books and e-audio) and Zinio (e-magazines) have merged and are now called RBdigital.
This means that you will be able to access all three types of e-stock in one place using one log in - search, checkout and download or stream online.
There will be a new RBdigital app and the two websites will be updated.

You may be wondering what this means for you? Read the FAQs below for the answers and if you have any additional questions then please Contact Us:

So what has changed?
There is a new app called RBdigital which replaces both the OneClick Digital and Zinio for Libraries apps.
The OneClick website has been redesigned to match the app and launched as the RBdigital website, whilst the Zinio site has been tweaked to show the new RBdigital service name.

What about my log in details?
If you have an OneClick and Zinio Account:
Some months ago work was done to merge your OneClick and Zinio accounts, this means that you should have one log in account now. However, if this did not happen for you then just choose one of your log ins and this will become your RBdigital account. If for some reason this does not work the app or website will ask you to set up a new password and these details will become your RBdigital account details and will replace your old accounts.
If they have either an OneClick or Zinio Account:
Your log in details will work on the new app and website.

What happens to the OneClick App?
If you have automatic updates set for your apps:
The app will be updated to become RBdigital. This does mean it will appear in a different place on your apps list.
If you choose to update your own apps:
You will be asked to download the new app and soon after go live the OneClick app will not work anymore.

What happens to the Zinio for Libraries app?
If you use the Zinio for Libraries app we recommended downloading the RBdigital app now.
By the end of August the Zinio for Libraries app will only work to view the magazines already downloaded and it will not be possible to download new magazines using the old app.

Will my loans and magazines be moved with the change?
Yes they will. When you log into the RBdigital app or site you will see all the e-audio/e-books/e-magazines that you have checked out.
The new app will remember where you were in the e-audio and e-books. However, though the magazines are displayed you will need to download them again to read them.


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Range of e-audio titles


The e-audio service we offer enables you to search for, download and listen to about 2,000 e-audio titles free of charge.
You can borrow up to 10 e-books at one time, they are loaned to you for three weeks and will automatically expire and be deleted when the three weeks are completed.
Click here to find out more about e-audio.


Page last updated: 28th June 2017