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Poem for You

Selected from the National Poetry Day competition Post a Poem.
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Missing in Action
By Caroline Davies


What happened to his letters?
Surely he wrote home to his Mama.
I know that he was in Dublin
during 1916 and then in Belgium.
Did she keep that card from August 1917
telling her he was missing?

Was there a box in a drawer somewhere?
Did his younger sisters throw it away?
Or my father clearing the house
after the sisters, Dad’s aunts had died?

I want to read his last letter,
as an earnest twenty year old,
telling his mother
he was in the finest company
in the whole battalion
and that whatever happened he was proud
to be Welsh and with his countrymen.

But perhaps he was so homesick
that this final letter
conjured up the familiar Great Orme
as he came back after a long walk
into the house, to kiss each of them
in turn.

Page last updated: 22nd May 2017