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Poem for You

Selected from the National Poetry Day competition Post a Poem.
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Freedom of the Fishermen
By Ted Collins


As I stand and watch the sea
I feel the need come over me
To touch the Sky and cross those depths
And fly like bird who's lifestyle sets
The seagull with its wings a span
Gliding floating above this land
In unison with air streams flowing
And tugs their full nets towing
Their harvest fish those golden ears combined from sea
Like farmers reap with joyous tears
These men who search to feed earths masses
Their faces beaten by the winds harsh lashes
Their hands so hardened how they feel
Determined by the steel so real
Of ropes and hawsers used to pull.
A prize thats gods successful trawl
So as I stand and watch the sea
I feel the need come over me.
To watch for fishermen out of sight
A world alone the seas their fight
As trawlers move from port to sea I feel the need come over me
To watch for fishermen at this time
Their souls to keep as safe as mine
Who loves the sea
seagulls flying high and free

Page last updated: 8th February 2018